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Stylist Tips for Va-Va Valentine Style

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Image by Raíssa Ruschel via Creative Commons

It’s no secret that we love beautiful hair at Madison Reed, and we want to share the love! Wrapping up a week of romantic ronze, that hot new trend hair color, and five fun Valentine’s Day hairstyles, our oh-so-chic Color Crew has tips to make your strands stand out.

Hair Stylist Tips

Natasha, who creates gorgeous looks for our hair tutorials, shares her secret for seduction!

“Gorgeous soft waves always remind me of romance and a seductive wildness that means anything could happen on this day of love.

Waves are a beautifully feminine look. I like to create mine by using a medium curling iron and working on 2-inch sections. Start mid-shaft and curl the hair away from your face. Spritz curls with a bit of styling spray before moving on to the next section. Let your curls cool and sit for a bit before brushing out for soft glamorous waves.

To feel extra special, spritz a little of your favorite perfume on your brush before combing through.”

Samantha agrees that “loose soft waves are very romantic and dreamy!” There must be a trend if our Color Crew experts are so excited about this look. For a natural way to get loose waves, apply a small amount of styling cream to damp hair in the morning. Then tie your hair into two loose braids and let air dry throughout the day. Undo the braids while getting ready to go out in the evening, and you’ll have naturally gorgeous, super romantic waves!

Stephanie suggests a braided chignon for a modern twist on a classic style. To get the look, check out this great tutorial by A Beautiful Mess.

Kellay wants to help you embrace the big hair trend.

“A great way to get sexy volume after you blowdry your hair.

Flip your head upside down and spray a light hair spray about 6 inches away from your hair. Flip your head right side up, slide your fingers in at your scalp, and tousle away. You can quickly tame flyaways by misting a small bit of hairspray onto your hands and gently smoothing the top layer of your hair.”

Chelsea knows that healthy hair looks best. “Use a deep conditioner the day before a big date to keep those romantic waves nourished, smooth, and shiny!”

Check out how to clean a hairbrush and other styling tools.

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