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Get the Perfect Ponytail on the Go

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Whether you’re in a rush to get out the door, or taking your time to get your hair up for that special event, getting a perfect ponytail is one of the most versatile of styles. Want to make it look like you spent hours on your hair when you only spent minutes? Listen to the stylists of Madison Reed, and invest in these tools to get the perfect ponytail on the go.

How to use them: After you’ve tied up your hair, use a bobby pin to tuck away stray baby hairs on the sides, to swing bangs away from your face, or to keep hairs from falling under the ponytail. If you’re going for an extra-fancy ponytail, you can use the same pins to hold in braids, to lift that pouf, or to add an extra criss-cross design. A bobby pin is a great tool to keep stray hair off of your face. What else can you do with pins? Check out our Hair Tutorial: Pin & Play with Bangs.

ponytail tools: hair clip

How to use it: If you’re going for a smooth ponytail, brush out your hair entirely before running a fine-tooth comb through it. When your hair is tangle-free, run the comb through lukewarm water, and smooth out the hair that frames your face. Comb through the hair above your forehead, then the sides (near your ears), then the bottom, away from your face. Then tie your hair into a tight ponytail. You can go back with the comb once it’s secured, to smooth out any bumps. Read our Field Guide to Hair Brushes and Combs.

How to use it: Tie your hair up however you want. If you want an extra-secure base, just make sure to wind up your tie one more time.

How to use it: Just smooth out all of your hair with a comb, or if you’re keeping your hair curly, leave that part out. Then, use the teaser brush to gently backcomb at the crown of your head. Spritz some hairspray at the part, then repeat three times until you get a lot of volume. If you want volume at the base of your ponytail, make sure you tie your hair up first, then take each layer of your hair to tease it where you have tied your hair. Smooth out gently with a comb at the end so it doesn’t look like you messed with it. Easy! Learn our 8 Tips to Make Your Hair Look Fuller.

How to use it: To secure a style, gently spray the volumizing spray all over. If you want extra volume, make sure to spritz some hairspray on every part you tease. If you want to shape some pieces of your ponytail, just focus your spraying on those certain parts.

How to use it: Before you tie your hair up, straighten the pieces that surround your face (especially those stubborn baby hairs) under and on the sides of your head. Then, smooth out your hair, and adjust your ponytail accordingly.

ponytail tools: hair mousse

How to use it: If you’re running late, use a dime-sized amount of mousse, rub it through your fingers, and run it through your entire hair while it’s still 65% wet. If you want to keep your hair curly or wavy, mousse is going to be your best tool. So make sure to scrunch the ends of your hair, then tie it up. If you want texture in the tie, then don’t use anything to straighten it out, just leave it messy and curly. That’s a beautiful and feminine look, too!

  • Bobby pins. These can be great for securing those stray hairs away from your face. Make sure the pins have ridges, and that they’re the the same color as your hair. The ridges help support the hair pieces, and the same color helps camouflage all the work you put behind it. Effortless, right?
  • Fine-tooth comb. This cheap, easy-to-use tool can be useful for combing away baby hairs, frizz and bangs before the clean ponytail. The fine teeth on the comb grasps small strands of hair to get a perfectly smooth look to your ponytail.
  • No-crease hair tie. Whether you’re going for a high, low, or special occasion ponytail, using a no-crease hair tie will give you the versatility to be able to let your hair down whenever you want. The beauty of this tie is that it will keep your hair from getting that giant crease when you let it down. That means more variety for your hair. If you want a natural look, you can get crease-less ties in a neutral color, or in the same color as your hair.
  • A teaser brush. If you’re going for a pouf, a teaser bush is essential for getting volume at the crown. It’s also versatile enough to give you volume right at the base of your ponytail, so your hair appears thicker and more voluminous (even when it’s tied up)!
  • Volumizing hairspray. Whether you’re trying to secure a style, get extra volume, or are just wanting to shape some pieces in your ponytail, a volumizing spray will be perfect for you.
  • A mini hair straightener. If you’re going for a slick look, a straightener is key to getting those small curly strands stick straight. To get all those baby hairs, you can get a mini hair straightener to smooth all those parts out so it’s easier for you to tuck them in with a bobby pin or some mousse.
  • A light mousse. Mousse has strong hold like a gel, but has the flexibility of hair spray, so it’s perfect to use with a ponytail. You just need a small amount to get the shape and texture  of the hair in perfect condition and to last the entire day.

Get personalized recommendations by building your Hair Profile or calling the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists and professional stylists. They love listening to your hair history and tailoring suggestions to suit your hair and style. At Madison Reed, we love to help people look and feel their very best!

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