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Alisia Gets Complete Coverage with Confidence

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Determined to overcome drugstore dye disappointment, Alisia Compton gave Madison Reed a try. From a live consultation with Kellay, one of the expert colorists on our Color Crew, to building her custom Hair Profile, she took advantage of our personalized service to choose the right color for her hair.

SomeWriters B & A

Read all about Alisia’s experience with Madison Reed (and learn which shade gave her that rich chocolate brown!) on SomeWriters.

My color is very true to the model’s color. Let’s be honest – that doesn’t come from a store-bought box, and it never will. I’ve tried a lot of hair dye, and I really attribute this success to the Color Team. In a few minutes, and without even seeing a photograph of me, Kellay was able to determine which hair color would work best, and she was right. The model’s color and my color are the same.

FYI – I love the dying cap. I was able to play games on my phone without dreading hair dye would roll down my forehead, or drip onto my phone.

Now it’s your turn! Get personalized recommendations by building your Hair Profile or calling the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists. They love listening to your hair history and tailoring suggestions to your hair and preferences. Live Life Brilliantly!

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