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Vitamin B: The Natural Ingredient for Smoother Hair

by Cheryl Locke August 01, 2014

Vitamin B: The Natural Ingredient for Smoother Hair

Image by Madison Reed

Have you heard of Vitamin B? It’s a not-so-secret beauty supplement that’s often nicknamed the “beauty vitamin.” Made up of a family of 8 vitamins, which includes biotin, it’s linked to flowing hair and strong nails. The group optimizes metabolism for better nourished cells, meaning well-fed follicles for stronger, glossier, and faster-growing hair.

Vitamin B: The Natural Ingredient for Smoother Hair

Other high-achieving members of the Vitamin B family include B12, which boosts memory and eases stress, and folic acid or B9, which reduces the risk of birth defects. The vitamins are found in foods like eggs, dark-green vegetables, and protein and since they’re water-soluble, meaning they’re flushed out of your system, daily intake is required.

On the cosmetic side, B5, or pantothenic acid, is a star ingredient in Madison Reed’s product, and found in our shampoo and conditioner. B5 is highly prized for its ability to penetrate, and moisturize hair from the inside out. It also serves as a natural humectant that calms cuticles, treats frizz, and helps repair damaged, frayed tresses. It’s equally sought after in skincare, and slathering it on has anti-aging benefits–it’s even used to treat acne!