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How to Tie a Bandana Headscarf

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Image by Madison Reed

This is a great look to utilize whether you are feeling whimsical or running a little late. You can use a bandana of your choice to really make your style pop! This is also a great way to hide roots when you  haven’t had a chance to color or are growing hair out!

Here’s our simple step-by-step tutorial for this versatile style–from the professionals on our Color Crew. (Check out the written tips at the bottom of this post!)

Headscarf Tutorial Layout

How to Tie a Bandana Headscarf

Photos by: Jess Dibala

  1. Take bandana and fold in half in a triangle shape.
  2. Take pointed tip and fold in to meet the the long side.
  3. Fold remaining bandana in half.
  4. Put hair back in a pony tail or bun.
  5. Take folded bandana and put biggest part at the base of the head with the “tails” of the bandana in both hands at the top of your head.
  6. Cross the “tails” over each other.
  7. Tie a knot.
  8. Tie another knot.
  9. Spread the knot part to look even.
  10. Tuck the ends of the bandana into the headband part.
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