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How To Get Gum Out Of Your Hair

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The Emergency: Gum in your beautiful mane of hair.

How You May Have Gotten Here: You let your 4-year-old have a stick of gum cause big brother got one. She shows her appreciation by spitting it out in your hair when the flavor is gone.

Solution 1: Ice

  • Soak your hair in salt water. (This helps lower the temperature that the ice melts at and therefore makes the gum easier to remove from hair).
  • Ice the gum for about 10 min using ice cubes.
  • Scrape out the gum.

Solution 2: Peanut Butter

  • You can actually use any oil-based food product, including veggie oil or olive oil.
  • Cover gum completely in oil using your fingers or an old toothbrush. Wait a few minutes to let it work in. The oils in these products make the gum stiffer and less sticky.
  • Pull gum out and and wash hair as normal.

Tips for Prevention: Unless you want to withhold gum privileges from your younger children, you’re just going to have to become a pro with these solutions.

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