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Get to Know the Color Crew: Chelsea Smith

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Image by Madison Reed

Behind the scenes at Madison Reed, there’s a team of talented, creative people who make working here a pure joy. Meet Chelsea, natural-born colorist, Color Crew supervisor, and our in-house educator about color theory for hair:

How did you start working with beauty and hair?
I took a beauty school class while I was in high school and liked it a lot, so I kept going. By the time I graduated high school, I was licensed.

What do you specialize in?
Hair color, specifically natural-looking color. No chunky highlights or crazy colors. That way, hair frames the face and makes the woman look like a natural beauty.

Chelsea styling her sister’s hair for her big day:


What do you do at Madison Reed?
I supervise the Color Crew and review the quality of our color consultations. I read through every single consultation to make sure the right colors are recommended and that callers are getting the best advice for their hair. The key is to honor each stylist’s personal approach, while always setting realistic expectations for our customers. People want to know what to expect when it comes to their hair.

I also train the Color Crew for all of our color theory so they know the looks they can achieve with Madison Reed permanent color and semi-permanent gloss. This opens up the possibilities for everyone!

What gets you excited about Madison Reed?
The level of commitment that we have to our customers. That was my favorite part of working in salons, getting to catch up with people and their lives while they’re sitting in my chair. We bridge that gap here by allowing people to have that level of luxury at home without having to pay so much.

Do you have a guilty (hair) pleasure?
I hoard products! I have way too many… some of them don’t even work for my hair. But I want to try everything and see how it works. It’s how I learn.

You win the lotto. What’s the first thing you do?
Buy a Victorian house in San Francisco. (Editor’s note: if this sounds familiar, it’s because Sam and Chelsea are best friends and have the same dreams!) I’d have a Taco Bell inside it that only served Taco Supremes. (This part is not Sam’s dream.)

Embarrassing thing that you totally don’t want your team or the world to know? TELL US
Why would I tell you that?? Fine, ok, I fall all the time in San Francisco walking down the sidewalk. I was on crutches the first year I worked for Madison Reed. It’s not even downhill or uphill. I think it was this pair of shoes I had.

Chelsea with a beautiful bride she styled:


Do you have expert hair tips for our readers?
Microtrims keep ends fresh, so hair can grow in a good way.

Thanks Chelsea!

Thanks for getting to know the team at Madison Reed. Reach out to our expert Color Crew today for a free consultation. We are passionate about giving you better, healthier options for your hair!

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