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Get to Know the Color Crew: Natasha Siebert

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Image by Madison Reed

Behind the scenes at Madison Reed, there’s a team of talented, creative people who make working here a pure joy. Meet Natasha, hair color theory expert, drummer, and possibly a secret lotto winner… 

Hey girl, love your new hair color! How did you start working with beauty and hair?
Thanks! I got my aestheticians license for skincare and makeup artistry first. I loved makeup and wanted to do it all, so I went back to school and got my cosmetology license.

I liked making people feel good. That’s my biggest thing. I just like being around people and helping them feel better about themselves. Plus I thought it would be fun!

What do you specialize in?
I’m extremely good at color theory because of my makeup background. It’s important for knowing which colors will look good and complement each woman. I went to a school where we had to physically mix our own colors for hair. That was a good learning process for how different tones work together and what will look great. 

I also really enjoy color corrections. It’s like a puzzle to figure out how to accommodate what someone wants for her hair and what shape her hair’s in. There’s a lot of thinking what to use and where to use it.

What gets you excited about Madison Reed?
We’re so open: talking about ingredients, what they do for hair, and what the different options are. We try to get people to understand the process and what’s happening when they color their hair. That way, they’re empowered to do it themselves. Knowledge is power!

Do any customer moments stand out for you?
One woman I talked to at length had used other hair colors with PPD and had severe allergic reactions. It was painful for her to use traditional hair color, so she hadn’t been able to do that for herself for years until she found Madison Reed. 

She said, “You don’t know what it’s like to color your hair after you can’t.” And she started crying on the phone. I was really excited to have that happen for her! She wanted to feel like herself again, and we gave her a way to do it. 

What’s your guilty (hair) pleasure?
I can’t stick to one shade, so I change my hair color every four weeks or so. 

What’s the longest your hair’s ever been?
About mid-chest. It was long and black then with Betty Page bangs.

How about your shortest haircut?
As a child, I had a pixie but didn’t know how to style it. I looked like a mushroom!

You win the lotto. What’s the first thing you do?
Not tell anyone.

...sooo, have you won the lotto?
(shakes head no)

What’s an embarrassing thing that you totally don’t want your team or the world to know? TELL US!
I have an adorable lisp that comes out when I’m talking. All my “s” sounds come together, and I go with it.

What else do you like to do?
I play the drums for a band. We’re recording songs this month. I’ve been playing for a year now. It’s a pretty new hobby.

What’s your favorite food?
Calzones. Hawaiian, made with pineapple and Canadian bacon.

What’s the favorite place you’ve ever traveled?
Monument Valley! The clear sky and colors out there were so serene. There are red, rusty rock formations that look like mittens and stand alone in the middle of the desert. Really gorgeous.

Do you have any pets or children?
Nope, taking care of myself is a full time job.  ;)

Do you have any styling or hair care secrets to share with us? 
Yes! Put conditioner on dry hair before getting into shower. Only on mid-lengths and ends. When you wash your hair, only shampoo the roots. Then rinse everything out. It works as a deep conditioning treatment because the hot shower steam will help it penetrate. 

For styling, if you’re using curling iron to get waves, let the curls cool before you brush them out. Then finger comb or brush out to get a soft wave that looks more natural. 

How do you help friends who are upset about their hair? 
I just like to listen to people. We all want our voices to be heard. And then from there, I try to find out what they need from there and how to fulfill that. 

You’re amazing, Natasha, thanks for letting us get to know you! 

That's just a taste of the Color Crew experience at Madison Reed. Reach out for a free consultation today and build a relationship with one of our colorists. We are passionate about giving you better, healthier options for your hair!

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