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Your Friday Reed: Get Ready for the Weekend

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Happy Friday! Inspired by National Stress Awareness Day yesterday, Madison Reed has five creative ways to create a calmer, healthier lifestyle.


Workplace Remedies
If your office is a source of stress for you, create a more calming space with the help of these 14 tips from Well+Good.

It’s Not Working
Another drain on your energy and willpower could be friends who take more than they give. Psychology Today offers a guide to assessing the health of your friendships to help you decide if it’s time for a friendship cleanse.

Work It Out
Jumpstart your exercise routine by maintaining mindfulness during your workout. The New York Times explains how and why.


Go With the Flow
It’s easy to fall into a pattern of putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect when it’s just not possible. Breathe deeply and learn how to let go of the need to control everything with this guide from EcoSalon.

Go on a Media Diet
New studies are showing a strong connection between media use and mental health, especially in young children and teenagers. Try turning off the smartphones, tablets, and computers an hour before going to sleep each night to connect more fully to the world in front of you.

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