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Your Friday Reed: Get Ready for the Weekend

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Happy Friday! This weekend, Madison Reed is giving you the gift of time with fun facts about Daylight Saving Time, ideas for spending a little time on yourself, and movements connected to International Women’s Day to help change the world (it’s about time!). Dive in and get inspired.

Daylight Saving Time
Ever wake up and feel oddly out of sync with the world? It happens to me twice a year when Daylight Saving Time begins and ends! If you experience that feeling this Sunday, remember to “spring head” an hour on all your clocks.

Are you wondering why it’s Daylight Saving Time instead of “savings”? It’s because you’re saving daylight for your day, not accumulating savings like a piggy bank. However, most people Google “daylight savings time” when searching for information (I know I did!).

Instead of feeling like you lost an hour, think of it as gaining healthy active time. Studies have shown that kids average more physical activity while Daylight Saving Time is in effect… at least in Europe and Australia. Take advantage of this tendency and get your family motivated by adding an after-dinner stroll or a rousing game of Wii bowling to your evening plans.

Take Some “Me” Time
It’s been a long week, and you deserve a little time to relax and recharge. Gather your orange peels, baking soda, and Madison Reed conditioner… we’re going to turn your home into a spa getaway.

Orange you glad you like citrus? Save those peels and turn them into luxurious beauty treatments in a few easy steps. I’m already dreaming of a long aromatic soak to warm up from the windy week and make my winter skin glow.

Baking soda is a gift that keeps on giving. Use it to smooth your nails, exfoliate cuticles, remove stains, and get baby soft feet with this handy manicure and pedicure guide.

Top it all off with a hair mask that fits smoothly into your schedule. If you’re eager to try these ideas now, just coat your strands in Madison Reed’s deeply nourishing conditioner. It’s an easy way to get the effects of hair mask without any extra shopping.

It’s About Time
March 8th is also International Women’s Day, and we are celebrating by diving into empowering campaigns and inspiring stories.

The #DearMe video campaign makes it easy to share the advice and wisdom you would give your younger self. The YouTube Tumblr page even has a fun tool to create your own gifs, which is a modern way to tell your teens the same thing over and over!

From looking back to moving forward, the #MakeItHappen campaign is a great way to broadcast support for events and efforts that empower women. Show your support by joining the conversation and sharing the news.

Last week, we recalled Marilyn vos Savant, the “world’s smartest woman” who got her start as a 10-year-old prodigy. Meet her modern counterpart, Esther Okade. At the age of 10, Esther is already on track for a university degree in mathematics. What a dramatic way to change the ratio of women in STEM fields.

And speaking of changing the ratio, kudos to Katharine Zaleski for her very public apology to working moms this week. After giving birth to her first daughter, Katharine realized how judgmental she had been of women with childcare and parenting commitments. She’s turned this epiphany into PowerToFly, a company that matches women to skilled jobs with flexibility. It’s brave to admit your mistakes and even braver to start a new company based on that insight. Let’s celebrate the power of women together!

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