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Your Friday Reed: Get Ready for the Weekend

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Happy Friday! Now that the excitement about llama drama and the dress of a thousand colors is simmering down, it’s time to get ready for your weekend. Make it a great one with fun activities, creative ideas, and wonderful ways to get more out of life with Madison Reed.


Movie Night Inspiration
Inspired by the Oscars last week, we’re gearing up for a film-filled weekend! Check out these parodies of Best Picture nominees to help you decide between theater listings.

More of a homebody? Catch up on Oscars winners from previous years with this list of 35 films available to stream on Netflix or race against time to watch movies that are leaving Netflix in March.

Of course, if you’d rather be in the movies, take a cue from the parents behind Cardboard Box Office and put on a show with the family. It’s a fun and creative way to recycle!

Superstar Snacks
What’s movie night without the snacks? Add flair to your film fest with creative popcorn toppings like basil garlic or chunky monkey.

For those with a sweet tooth, it’s the most wonderful time of year: Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! This year brings us the Digital Cookie, a delicious-sounding way to order those scrumptious annual treats online.

If you’re like me, you order Girl Scout Cookies by the truckload (a delicious dream truck full of cookies). Learn new ways to enjoy them with recipes to turn your favorites into milkshakes, fudge, and other sweet treats.

Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month, and the theme for 2015 is near and dear to our hearts: Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives. Join us in celebrating women’s choices and achievements all year round in our Brilliant Women interview series.

Congrats to Femsplain for hitting their funding goals on Kickstarter this week! Their mission is to highlight the amazing diversity of women on the Internet in a supportive, positive community. Every month, this site announces a new theme and accepts submissions from anyone who identifies as female.

Have you heard of Marilyn vos Savant? From child prodigy with Highest IQ in the Guinness Book of World Records, to the “world’s smartest woman,” Marilyn’s accomplishments have changed assumptions about how well women can do in science and math. Read about one experience that highlighted the prejudice she was up against.

Did you watch Christina Aguilera perform pitch-perfect impersonations of Cher, Britney Spears, and Shakira? The video’s above, and it’s on constant replay on my computer. My only regret is that “I’m Every Woman” did not come up as a song choice. Because Christina certainly sounded like every woman!

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