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Five Ways to Get Your Hair in Great Shape After a Workout

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Let’s be honest. When you leave the gym, your hair is probably not at its best, and since working out is usually crammed into a busy schedule, there’s hardly time to style it. But don’t give up! The experts here at Madison Reed have spent time thinking about this, and we have some tips and tricks to get your hair back into shape post-workout. Whether you’re running to work, going out for a date, picking up the kids, going to a special event, or meeting up with friends after work, we have five ways to get your hair styled. They won’t even notice you went to the gym.

Running to Work
If you slipped into the gym before work, first of all, good for you! A quick cleanse and easy style can do the trick.

What you’ll need: Cleansing conditioner, comb, blow dryer, headband, and hair tie.

Clean: If you have enough time to shower and rinse your locks after your workout, try washing your hair with a cleansing conditioner. It gets the job done in half the time and keeps your hair soft and clean for the rest of the day.

Style: Blow dry your hair in less than five minutes by switching between the hot and cold settings, then comb your hair into a tight and low pony tail, and wear the headband on top of it. The slick ponytail will give you a polished and professional look, and the headband will tuck away the frizz.

Date Night
If you’re going on a date with someone special after the gym and don’t have enough time to give your hair a thorough wash, here’s a quick romantic look that will give you fawn-worthy hair.

What you’ll need: Texturizing spray, dry shampoo, teasing comb, perfume, hairbrush, and curling iron.

Clean: Starting from the left side of your head, separate your hair into a large side part. Spray dry shampoo in the part, rustle up and then repeat by taking more sections as you work your way to the other side of your head. Flip your hair upside-down, spritz some perfume onto your brush, and brush your hair downward. This will give your hair volume, and a nice smell for your date.

Style: Run your fingers through your hair and add some hair spray at the crown of your head and the sides of your hair. Brush your hair, then repeat hair spray in the same areas as earlier, this time just use your teasing comb to tease the hair at the three points. Brush your hair out one more time, and curl just the ends to give your hair a romantic, feminine look.

Picking Up the Kids
Whether you’re picking up your kids from school, soccer practice, a piano lesson, or all of the above, a presentable yet easy hairstyle is a great bet.

What you’ll need: Shampoo & conditioner (try Madison Reed Nourishing Color-Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner), blow dryer, brush, and hair tie.

Clean: Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as you normally would.

Style: A side-braid or bun is the best casual option for childcare logistics after a workout. Blow dry your hair for 5 minutes, switching between hot and cold settings. Brush your hair out, and braid it to the side. If a braid is not an option, a quick and easy hair bun on the top is a great alternative.

Special Event
What you’ll need: Dry shampoo, perfume, teasing comb, hairbrush, hair tie, and bobby pins.

Clean: To bring your hair back to life, spritz your hair with dry shampoo in small sections near the scalp. Use the perfume-on-hairbrush trick for a nice scent.

Style: Lift up your hair at the roots and spritz hair spray on each section, then back comb each section for more volume. Focus the teasing on the crown of your head, then lightly comb over all teased parts. Now that your hair is big, you can fold your hair back into a chignon, and bobby pin the straying hairs for a clean, classy look.

After Work Drinks
Whether you’re attending a networking event, or getting together with your coworkers or friends, you want to bring your best self.

What you’ll need: Dry shampoo, hair straightener, hair tie, hairbrush, hair spray, and blow dryer.

Clean: Blow dry your hair and brush at the same time so you can spread the oils from the roots to the ends, sprinkle some dry shampoo powder to the roots of your hair, ruffle up, and go back in with the blow dry on the cool setting.

Style: Brush out your hair, then take small sections and straighten your hair, flipping it out and away from your face for a stylish look. Then, tease your hair at the crown and put your hair half up and half down with small strands (or bangs) peeking out. Spray your hair lightly all over with hairspray to keep it in place.

Here are some more post-gym tricks to make your hair: choose a lighter workout which lets you sweat less (like pilates, barre, yoga), opt for no-crease hair ties, and keep some dry shampoo spray or powder in your gym bag at all times. If you color your hair, Madison Reed Root Touch Up can double as a dry shampoo. It absorbs oil and adds a clean, fresh fragrance. So you can cover up roots with dry shampoo benefits!

What are your tricks for perfect post-gym hair?

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