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Field Guide: 10 Pro Tips for Curly Hair Care

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There’s nothing quite like a luxurious mane of curls, but taming those locks can be a challenge.

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Check out these ten pro tips that will help you create your perfect curly hair regime.

10 Pro Tips for Curly Hair Care

  1. Get regular trims. Even though it can be hard to cut hair that is four inches longer wet than dry, every 6 to 8 weeks is the minimum.  It is imperative that you find a stylist that is an expert with curls. Whether they cut wet or dry, choose a stylist that insists that you go with your natural curl and not one that steers you towards the blow out.
  2. Sleep on a silk pillow case. Silk is very gentle on the hair cuticle and won’t roughen hair fibers. You’ll wake up with great-looking, soft curls every time.
  3. Use a deep/leave-in conditioner once a week. It will define your locks and add moisture to every curl.
  4. Protect your hair from the sun. Environmental damage is even more of a threat to curly hair. The free radical producing effects of sun, wind, and chlorinated or salt water attack the hair fiber, leaving it dry, dull, and weakened. Using a UVA and UVB filter will help protect your curly tresses.
  5. Never brush your curls when your hair is dry. If you brush dry curls, all you are doing is brushing the curls out and creating frizz. If you must brush at all, you can take a hairbrush with you into the shower and work it through your hair after the conditioner has been in your hair for 5 minutes. Otherwise, use only a wide-toothed comb to get through the tendrils.
  6. Go natural. Don’t sacrifice the health of your hair to go straight. Allow hair to air-dry if at all possible and leave it curly as it was intended. Refrain from straightening, flat-ironing, and blowing out. Over processing curly hair will only stress and damage it so that you will be less inclined to go natural.
  7. Fight the frizz. This is a constant battle with curly hair. Begin by drying your hair with a tee-shirt instead of a towel. The rough fibers of the towel rough up the cuticle and cause the hair to appear frizzy.  Second, apply products! Curls require a small arsenal of curl specific products such as a leave in conditioner, silicone spray or serum and a shine enhancing finishing spray. Ask people with fabulous curly hair what they use, there’s no better example.
  8. Wash your hair the night before and not every day. Every two to three days is best to allow the natural oils to soak in and the curls will be less fluffy and will settle in. If you shampoo at night that gives your curls time to settle down to prevent instant frizzing. If you must wash in the morning, never blow dry past 70% dry.
  9. Condition every time you shampoo. When you shampoo, you are stripping your hair of natural oils, when you condition you are restoring the oils. Leave your conditioner in for the length of your shower, the longer, the better. After your shower, towel dry the excess water. Then apply a leave in conditioner and work it through with your fingers. A quarter sized amount is enough for shoulder-length hair.
  10. Use an instant curl pick me up. Mix water with your favorite leave-in conditioner or hydrating moisturizer and spray it on dry curls. It will bounce them back, reduce frizz, and add shine and softness.

By: Tana Allen

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