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8 Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage

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Image by Madison Reed

Worried about all those lovely strands caught up in your brush or slipping down your shower drain? Then this list of tips from NaturallyCurly.com has the advice you need to help prevent hair breakage.

And while this information may seem focused towards those with luxurious looping locks, everyone can learn a thing or two about how to better care for your hair. Get the full story at NaturallyCurly.com.

prevent hair breakage

8 Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage

  1. Trim Your Split Ends Regularly

    Every 4 to 6 weeks, your ends need a new beginning.

  2. Give Your Hair Some Deep Conditioning Love!

    Deep condition once a week.

  3. Find Your Go-To Protective Style

    Try a high bun, twists, braids or a weave, wig or extensions

  4. Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals & Ingredients

    Wash hair, but not everyday. Use a conditioner with vitamin E, like Madison Reed's Nourishing Conditioner, to ensure strength in your strands.

  5. Minimize Your Heat Usage

    And smooth on some anti-breakage serum before utilizing your heating tools.

  6. Try New Products

    This year, step out of your comfort zone and try something you haven't tried before. May we suggest Madison Reed Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner?

  7. Be Gentle On Your Mane

    Constant tugging and brushing your hair causes hair to become weak, promoting breakage and split ends.

  8. Cleanse Your Scalp

    It is imperative to properly unclog the pores in our scalp, much like we have to unclog the pores on our face.



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