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Once Upon a Prime

by June 22, 2017

Prime for Perfection and Madison Reed Hair Color

Image by Madison Reed

Once upon a prime, you colored your hair. And loved it. A few weeks later you colored your hair again. You liked it. A few weeks after that, you colored again. But this time, your hair looked a little too dark, too dull. You know how that story goes...

Ready for a plot twist?

Meet Prime for Perfection,™ the hero in the fairy tale of your hair color. Our new pre-color prep step primer removes excess color buildup, so your hair looks as fresh and flawless as the first time you colored it.

How does it work?

before prime for perfection photo

Your hair color looks a little dull or too dark.

after prime for perfection photo

Use Prime for Perfection to penetrate the hair cuticle to dissolve artificial color buildup, resulting in color that is lighter and more reddish/gold that you may be used to. Then simply wash and dry thoroughly before…

after prime for perfection photo and after madison reed hair color

Follow with Radiant Cream Color and live vibrantly ever after with hair that looks and feels healthier, with gorgeous, true-color results.

Want to learn more about this new essential pre-color prep step? We get it–it’s pretty revolutionary, because just like a makeup primer, this hair color primer creates the optimal base for color application. Click here to learn how it works. A beautiful story, indeed.