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Too Short Bangs - Another Hair Emergency Solved

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Feeling stranded by a hair catastrophe? Don’t worry! Madison Reed is here to help with a smart selection of solutions.

Short Bangs Solutions - What to do when your bangs are too short

The Emergency: Bangs that are too short.

How You Got Here: You wanted to change your hair with a bang! But in your excitement, you cut those bangs a little shorter than expected.

How to Fix Short Bangs

  1. Lengthen the look of short bangs. Flat iron or blow dry bangs straight down. While hair is still warm, place hand on them and flatten to forehead to maximize the length.
  2. Pin and play. Try twisting and pinning bangs to the side using a colorful barrette or bobby pins. Our fun tutorial gives some great ideas. Headbands are also a great way to pull back hair that is too short. Think of this as a great time to experiment with fun accessories.
  3. Blunt, short bangs are incredibly trendy. They’ll grow out within a few short weeks, so think of it as a chance to try out an edgier style. Watch films like Amélie to channel your inner ingenue until your bangs grow longer.

Tips for Preventing Too Short Bangs:

Changing your hair is exciting. If your last haircut fell “short” of expectations, use our tips to stay in style while you’re growing it out. To prevent too-short cuts in the future, go to the salon prepared with pictures of what you want, and take the time to discuss your hair goals with the stylist. It’s worth the extra time to get exactly what you want.

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