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Hair Tutorial: Pin & Play with Bangs

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Growing out bangs doesn’t have to be a pain. There are lots of pretty styles to do in the meanwhile. Enjoy our step-by-step tutorials for different ways to pin and play with bangs; demonstrated by Jess – a friend of the Professional Colorists on our Color Crew.

The Side Twist and Pin:

Bangs 1.1n2

1. Start with hair down. Bangs can be washed or unwashed.

2. On the side of your choosing “roll” and twist hair back into itself. Keep twisting until you reach the other side of your forehead.

Bangs 1.3n4

3. Take a bobby pin and secure the hair in place.

4. Hide the bobby pin by brushing hair right behind the pin forward.


The Mini-Pinned Pompadour:

Bangs 2.1n2

1. Take a 1-inch section from the back portion of your bangs and gently backcomb. Set with hair spray.

2. Take the remaining bangs left in the front, pull back and gently backcomb.

Bangs 2.3n4

3. Gather hair together brushing back and twisting the ends together. Pin into place.

4. Brush the hair around this pin forward to cover the pins, and admire how good you look in your mini-pomp.


The Bobby Pin Side Part:

Bangs 3.1n2

1. Choose which side you would like to part your hair on and brush over.

2. Place the first pin in at an angle going toward your part line.

Bangs 3.3n4

3. Holding hair down, place second pin to the side of it going the opposite direction creating a triangle.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 twice more, then enjoy your beautiful bobby pin art.


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