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Change Your Part, Change Your Life

by January 04, 2017

Partline Blog Post

Image by Madison Reed

When trying to make your New Year’s resolutions, it’s the serious stuff that first comes to mind. But there’s also something to be said for setting a less lofty goal you can hit in a matter of days, then pat yourself on the back for the rest of the year. So rather than (or in addition to) training for that marathon, cutting out sugar or saving money, here’s a fun, easy resolution to make: change your part. Yep, something as simple as changing how you part your hair can have a positive effect on your mood, making it totally resolution-worthy.

So, why switch your part?

It’s good for you
We develop routines for a reason, but mixing it up can be a good thing. When you consciously change an aspect of your behavior, you’re effectively rewiring your brain to make new connections. Basically, you’re helping keep your brain in shape. So changing your part may benefit what’s under your hair, too.

It’s good for your hair
Changing your part actually makes your hair healthier. Fact is, the longer you wear the same part, the more your hair gets weighed down on one side, causing the roots to get weaker in that area, leading to breakage. Flipping your hair to part on the reverse allows your roots to stand upright and breathe. This also gives your “dominant side”, or the side you usually spend more time styling, a break from heat-styling, etc. Plus, switching to a side part can give your hair a major volume boost.

It sends a message
What does the way you part your hair say about you? Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. Some scientists have come up with something called Hair Part Theory, a psycho-behavioral exploration which states that parting your hair on the left may indicate an aptitude for left-brain thinking—logical, verbal, analytical—while parting your hair on the right is a nod to attributes commonly associated with right-brain thinking—visual, intuitive, artistic. So if you want to be seen as a more logical person, consider parting your hair to the left. Just a thought!

It’s just fun
Makeovers are seldom this inexpensive and easy. Even better—if you hate your new look, you can backtrack (backcomb?) right away.


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Side part or middle part? The choice is yours.

To create a side part, hold a comb up to the highest point of your left or right eyebrow. Where the comb is even with your hairline is where you should begin parting your hair.

For a middle part, brush your hair away from your face and let it fall naturally to the front. A little to the left or right of center is just fine.

Now, here’s how to make the switch stick.

Every night before bed, dampen your hair at the roots, then part it where you want it and brush into place. Style in a low ponytail or braid. You can even spritz on a finishing spray for added hold. Repeat this ritual every night for one week. By then, your new part should be falling into place on its own.