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3 Easy Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re in a relationship, single, or “it’s complicated,” put the focus on loving yourself this Valentine’s Day. The first step is loving your look! Madison Reed is here to help with three easy ‘dos for every hair type, length, and style.

Relaxed Romance: Vintage Soft Loose Waves

This style is perfect for most lengths, ranging from a little below the shoulders to all the way down to your waist!

Heat protectant
A few clips
1’’ or wider curling wand

For long hair, the bigger the barrel of the wand, the better!

1. Clip up your hair in small sections, so it’s not in your way as you style.

2. Work in sections starting from the bottom.

3. Position the wand vertically and gather about 1-2 inches of hair. 

4. Wrap hair around wand, curving it away from your face.

5. Hold for 10-15 seconds and gently let the hair fall from the wand.

6. Work in sections moving up your head.

7. Once you’ve finished, flip your hair over and shake to loosen up curls. Then lightly hairspray all over. Once you flip your hair back you will have voluminous loose romantic curls. 

Classic with an Edgy Twist:  Easy Braided Chignon

2 hair ties
Bobby pins
Teasing comb

1. Make a sleek, low ponytail. 

2. Above the hair tie make a part in the hair and slip the ponytail through the split. (Check out this slip-through ponytail tutorial if you need help for this step!)

3. Make a simple braid. 

4. Slip the braid through the part above the ponytail as many times as you need to be able to tuck the end of the braid in the part. 

5. Tuck the ends into the part and bobby pin to secure in place. 

6. Finish with some hairspray!

Short and Sweet: Headband Braid

Hair ties
Bobby pins
Hair clips
Tame finishing treatment
(optional) 1’’ or wider curling wand

1. Gather a 1-inch section from behind one ear and part across to the other ear.

2. Clip up the rest of your hair to keep out of the way.

3. Start a French braid from behind one ear and work your way across your front hairline to the other ear. 

4. When you reach the other ear, continue with a simple braid and tie the end.

4. Let down the rest of your hair. Optional: Curl or add waves with a curling wand for a more whimsical look. 

5. Once that’s done, bobby pin the end of the braid behind your ear and cover with your hair.

Tuck any ends or flyaways away with bobby pins and smooth down with Tame finishing treatment.


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