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Real Hair Stories - Ruby Finds Her Perfect Red

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Image by Madison Reed

How Ruby found her perfect red

She is: Ruby S, Oceanside, CA

Her Hair Story: “I have spent $100 on henna, bound and determined to find the right color combination & coverage for me… I am exhausted messing with it.  Not only is it labor intensive, but I have to touch up the roots every two weeks, as after the first shampoo my roots begin lightening up.  (My natural color is very white grey).”

A Moment of Perspective: “Then I saw your ad on FB. Not sure what I will do with all my henna now, but I’ve got to try this stuff…. but again, I must say what inspired me to purchase now as opposed to using up what I already have, is your excellent customer service. WOW… what customer service.  I utilized both your instant CS rep and wrote in sending the picture.”

Madison Reed’s Solution: We matched Ruby with the Trieste – the perfect shade for her! Henna is notoriously difficult to work with and it resists color applications. Madison Reed’s Treiste Red matched her henna shade seamlessly, so she needed only to use it on her roots to create a completely gorgeous look.

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