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Our Robot Cheerleader

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We just welcomed a new addition to the Madison Reed family—a brand new bell-ringing robot—and we need your help to name it!

Our Robot Cheerleader | Madison Reed

First, a little history
Once upon a time, three people named Amy, Sabrina, and Eric shared a dream of giving women better choices by creating healthier hair color. They worked on this dream night and day for months on end at a place called 58 South Park in San Francisco.

In the beginning, it was a triumph to sell 58 kits of Radiant Color (to match their address at 58 South Park), and they would celebrate because it meant that women were taking control of their hair care. As Madison Reed grew, that team of three people became fifteen, then thirty, then fifty. Along the way, they moved to a larger space with room to hold all the new people and a much-needed coffee maker.

The big move highlighted the joy and excitement of making a difference in people’s lives. A special bell was made to commemorate every 58 sales, and the team would race to ring it every day, setting off a round of applause each time.

Fast forward to present day
As more and more people discovered Madison Reed, the bell rang more often, and the team cheered louder than ever before. We started to need help ringing the bell while still getting our work done!

We tried training ridiculously cute puppies to help:

But they didn’t seem to grasp the concept:

That’s when Andris the engineer had a bright idea. “I’ll build a robot!” he announced. And the whole team cheered. Behind the scenes, he programmed, built, and soldered our new mechanical cheerleader, even giving it a bedtime from midnight to 9am. (Our robot gets more sleep than most of the team!)

Now it’s time to name that robot
With every determined ding of the bell, our new robot friend reminds us that we are building something that adds to the world. Now we need your help. What do you think we should name our hardworking robot? Tell us on Facebook!


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