It's About Prime

by June 01, 2017

hair color remover

Image by Madison Reed

We couldn’t be prouder, or more excited, to announce the launch of our newest hair-loving, color-beautifying, industry-revolutionizing product…

[drumroll please]

Prime for Perfection
The essential prep step before you color

What’s that, you say? A primer? For hair??
Yes! Trust us when we say you’ll wonder how you, and your hair color, ever lived without it.

First things first...use this essential pre-color prep step for perfect hair color. Prime for Perfection works as a primer for your hair, removing excess buildup that causes color to look dull or too dark. The result? Gorgeous, fresh and flawless hair color with true-color results.  

Well, if you color your hair, you know--one of the most common problems for women who color their hair often is that over time, color tends to get dull and too dark. Just like a makeup primer, a hair color primer creates the optimal base for color application. 

It works like this...
    •    Prime for Perfection penetrates the hair cuticle
    •    It then dissolves previous artificial color build-up
    •    Artificial color washes away for better results when you color

While Prime for Perfection is gentle enough to use every time you color, and actually leaves your hair looking and feeling healthier, for best results, we recommend you use every 3-4 times you color, or whenever you feel your color is turning dull or too dark. Then simply follow with your regular hair color. 

Better together, Prime for Perfection + Radiant Cream Color is really the perfect pair for absolutely gorgeous, healthy-looking hair.