How to Start Fresh with Prime for Perfection

by Laura French June 24, 2020

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Image by Madison Reed

Who doesn’t love a clean slate? We know we do, which is why Prime for Perfection® is one of our favorite products ever—it’s got Perfection right there in the name—and something you absolutely need in your hair care arsenal. You’ve probably used (or at least heard of using) a makeup primer...but does your hair really need a primer? If you color your hair regularly, the answer’s yes.
The way Prime for Perfection works is similar to a makeup primer, in that using it creates the optimal base for color application. (Hair color = foundation in this analogy.) Prime for Perfection removes any excess artificial color buildup that’s been causing your hair color to look dull or too dark over time. If you color your hair often enough with permanent hair color, this is bound to happen. Prime for Perfection doesn’t affect your underlying natural hair color, just this leftover pigment that builds up every time you color your hair. Basically, it’s the ultimate pre-color prep step. And it’s a must-use for anyone who colors their hair often, or who’s been coloring their hair for a long time. Use Prime for Perfection and your hair will look more like the very first time you colored it. Takes you back, doesn’t it?
Okay, so how exactly does Prime for Perfection create this perfect base for your hair to receive fresh color? First, our formula penetrates the hair cuticle. Next, it dissolves previous artificial color buildup. And finally, the old color washes away. It’s about as simple as that to use, too. Here’s how to treat your color to a fresh start...
1.Is your hair dry? Perfect. You’ll shower after, but starting with dry hair is the move.

2.After putting on your gloves, apply the primer directly from the tube onto your hair. No mixing easy is that? We’re always game to skip a step.

3.Beginning at the back of your head, work the primer into your hair in two-inch sections, massaging away from your scalp toward your mid-lengths and ends, and being sure to fully saturate all parts of your hair you regularly apply color to.

4.Now we wait. Pop on your plastic shower cap and let process for 20 minutes.

5.Lather, rinse, repeat. Turn on your shower and give your hair a vigorous shampooing. Shampoo a second time, to make sure all the primer has been rinsed out.

6.Does your hair look slightly lighter and warmer, more golden? Don’t stress—it’s all part of the process.

7.Blow dry your hair—or wait til it’s fully air-dried—then grab your box of Radiant Cream Color and color your hair as you normally would. Now, how fresh does your hair look? So fresh.

We recommend using Prime for Perfection every third or fourth time you color. Another good tip: you’ll want to allow for an additional hour if you’re going to apply the primer before you color, even though processing time is only 20 minutes.
Now, go forth and refresh—and tell us all about your experience using Prime for Perfection in the comments.
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