How to Lighten Hair for Spring

by Madison Reed April 07, 2015

How to Lighten Hair for Spring


There’s something about the springtime sun that brightens up our mood. Lighten your hair to match in a way that flatters you! Madison Reed’s Color Crew experts tell you how.

Lighten Hair

Whether you color hair at home or visit the salon, the easiest way to lighten up is to leave color off your ends. Hair usually gets lighter with washing, so you’ll get the spring look you want without any extra work.


To lighten your hair without making a drastic change, choose a slightly warmer shade than what you usually use. Warmer tones reflect more light because of the gold tones, so it will look lighter even if it’s the same level. We recommend using hair gloss because it adds even more reflective shine and deep conditions hair.

In fact, you can lighten and maintain hair color like a pro at home by applying permanent color to roots and semi-permanent color to lengths and ends. Follow along with our easy tutorial to learn how.

Balance is key if you want natural-looking lighter hair. Hair color fades over time, so you might start out with the right look and notice that it looks too brassy or light after a few weeks. Another reason hair starts looking too light is if you go on vacation and get a deep tan. The new contrast can make hair look too pale. There’s an easy fix! Use semi-permanent color to gently nudge the tone of your hair back to the most flattering shade. If you’re a blonde, use Prosecco to add gold. If you’re a brunette, use Miele to gain smoldering honey gold tones.

If you use a hair color with ash tones, either leave off ends entirely or only brush through ends for the last five minutes of processing time. You can also adjust the tone of your hair if an ash color was left on too long. Use semi-permanent gloss in Prosecco to restore a warm, golden tone, or use Crema to add a subtle violet tone that makes light hair look cool and crisp.

Crema can also make light blonde hair—level 8 or higher—look paler because it neutralizes the yellow. Rinse out within 15-20 minutes of applying to get just the right amount of violet. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can leave the Crema on light hair for longer to gain a trendy lavender tint. It’ll wash out in 6-8 shampoos, so you can get playful if you want to!

Healthy hair is always going to give you the most beautiful results. When swimming at the beach or pool, smooth a small amount of nourishing conditioner through dry hair, twist into a knot or bun, and then cover. Your hair will soak up the conditioner instead of the salt or chlorine water, keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Sunlight makes hair go lighter naturally, but it can also change tone, especially if it is color-treated hair. Keep Crema gloss handy to convert orangey, brassy highlights and ends into a gorgeous caramel color.


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