How to Lighten Your Hair for Spring

by Madison Reed March 09, 2022

BLOG22.03 How to Lighten Hair for Spring

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There’s something about the springtime sunshine and warm weather that never fails to brighten our mood after the long winter months. So why not lighten up your hair to match? We asked our team of experts on the Color Crew to recommend all their favorite ways to lighten your hair for spring. Here’s how to go lighter and brighter for spring in a way that’s healthy for your hair, flattering, and SO easy…
Avoid Going Too Dark
Whether you color your hair at home or make the trip to the salon, the easiest way to avoid going too dark is our signature 2-step system for permanent hair color. We’ll let you in on a little secret—professional colorists don't apply permanent color all over your hair every time you color, as that can eventually make color look too dark and dull. Enter our 2-step system with permanent color for maximum gray coverage at your roots, plus semi-permanent gloss for the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to gently tone, enhance shine, add dimension, and refresh your color.
Here’s how it works—first, you’ll apply Radiant Hair Color to your roots. Next, apply Color Reviving Gloss to your mid-lengths and ends. Gently run a wide-toothed comb or gloved fingers through your hair for even distribution, then let process together. As a bonus, using semi-permanent gloss regularly on your hair adds tons of radiant, healthy-looking shine.
How Light Can You Go?
How much lightness your hair color can lift is determined by a few different factors: saturation—how much hair lightener is applied—your starting shade, and whether or not your hair has previously been colored. If you have previously colored your hair, your color will lift—or lighten—less than hair that has never been colored. The darker your hair, and the more it has been colored, the less your color will lift and the less light you’ll be able to go (at least right away). 
Time Is On Your Side
Lightening your hair the healthy way isn’t an ASAP kind of thing—it takes time! Cutting corners to get lighter faster may result in damaged hair, especially if you’ve colored your hair before. Hair lightening is a process, and you or your colorist will have to gradually lighten depending on how dark your hair is and how long you’ve been coloring. Be patient and take it gradually. Building up to your desired level of lightness is better for the health of your hair, plus it’s always a good idea to play around with how light you really want to go.
Get Easy At-Home Balayage Highlights
Want to go lighter for spring with balayage highlights, rather than all-over color? We love to see it! Take your strands lighter and brighter for spring with our Light Works® Balayage Highlighting Kit, the two-step salon process in one box. With 5 stunning shades, Light Works is the easiest and most gorgeous way to get sun-kissed balayage highlights at home. Here’s how to lighten your hair with Light Works at home…

1. Light Works is a bleach lightener and will permanently lighten both color-treated and non-color-treated hair

2. Use the patented precision wishbone highlighter to paint on natural-looking balayage (no spots or stripes)—just lightly press and glide

3. Clay-based cream formula makes for a goof-proof, no mess application

4. Let process for about 45 minutes (and no longer than one hour)

5. Now it’s time for the second step—toning glaze. Light Works® Toning Glaze is a demi-permanent color that is formulated to be used after the lightening step to help refine and neutralize the undertones exposed during lightening.The toner refines the highlights to a softer color tone, plus adds superior shine and leaves the hair in great condition

6. Apply toning glaze all over until your hair is saturated

7. Let process for about 20 minutes. Then remove the cap, shampoo and condition—and boom, you’re done! Bask in the glory of having created beautifully sun-kissed, natural-looking balayage highlights at home

Book A Highlights Service At The Madison Reed Hair Color Bar 
If you’re more comfortable with having your hair lightened by a professional colorist, find a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar near you and book yourself a highlights service. We have multiple highlights services available—traditional foil highlights and hand-painted balayage. First, choose between foil highlights and balayage. Next, decide if you’re looking for either partial or accent highlights. Book Accent Highlights to add a little brightness around your face. Or, if you’re looking to go a lot lighter? Book Partial Highlights to add all over brightening dimension and to complement your base color…both lovely options, you can’t go wrong.
Whether you’re looking to go a lot lighter or just add a little brightness for spring, we hope our healthy hair lightening tips have helped you look on the bright side this season. Now, get outside and enjoy the sun on your face…and your newly-lightened hair!
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