How Often Should I Shampoo?

by Tana Allen January 09, 2015

How Often Should I Shampoo?

Image by Madison Reed

There is no “one size fits all” solution for haircare because we all have different hair types and conditions. How often you wash your hair is different for everyone. It depends strongly on your hair texture and how much oil it produces. Madison Reed is here to help with in-depth info to guide you. One thing’s for sure: we’ve come a long way since “rinse and repeat” when using shampoo!

There has been a debate over how often to shampoo hair for a long time. Here are the 2 main sides of this debate.

The argument for not washing
Your hair is like a fiber. We all know that the more we wash our favorite clothes, the more worn they look. This is true of hair as well. There is no need to wash it every day, and the more porous and processed your hair is, the longer you can go in between washings. There are even people who have decided to forego shampooing entirely and allow their hair to go through its natural cycles, opting only for a baking soda rinse every few weeks.

The argument for washing
Others argue that daily buildup and exposure to environmental pollution make it necessary to wash daily. People with fine hair often worry that natural oils will make their strands look limp and lifeless. It’s hard not to think of washing your hair in the same way you think of brushing your teeth!

So, who’s right?
You are! Your hair is as individual as you are, and the best shampoo regimen comes down to you and personal preference. Pay attention to how your hair behaves. If it feels dry and is often frizzy and unmanageable, you may be washing too much and stripping your hair of essential natural oils.

If you have curly or coily hair, decrease to every 3 days to see how your hair responds.

If you have fine straight or wavy hair, try skipping a day between shampoos. Keep talcum powder or dry shampoo on hand just in case you’re not a fan of the resulting style.

Hair changes over time, so even a routine that worked for you in the past may need a refresh. It’s always good to give your hair a break here and there to learn how it reacts. After all, if you don’t wear the same clothes or makeup from years ago, why stick to the same haircare?

Tips for healthier haircare

Switch to a sulfate-free shampoo for suds that are less harsh on your strands. Madison Reed removes unnecessary chemicals and adds nourishing ingredients—like keratin, jojoba, and argan oil—to shampoo and conditioner to keep hair soft and healthy.

Even if you decide to wash your hair every day, allow it to air dry a couple of times a week.

If you go a day in between washings, you are allowing your hair’s natural oils to travel down the hair shaft. You are also likely sparing your hair any extra heat styling.

Use Root Touch Up to instantly cover roots and regrowth. As an added bonus, it doubles as a dry shampoo to extend the time between washings, maintaining the integrity of your hair and extending the time between coloring sessions.

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