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Erin and Katherine's Hair Color Personalities

by Sherod Taylor April 22, 2015

Erin and Katherine's Hair Color Personalities

Image by Madison Reed

Beauty and skincare enthusiasts Erin and Katherine love sharing their secrets for high performance products that are healthy to use, so Madison Reed hair color was a natural fit!

Read all about what their hair colors reveal about their personalities on Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty:

“Madison Reed is a hair care company that specializes in healthier, salon-quality hair dye. Their hair dye selection page has so many beautiful, natural-looking shades – we’re fans of Vesuvius Red and Tuscany Brown, for obvious reasons!”

Katherine: “My hair colour has always been something that defines me… I have an energetic personality and my hair might reflect that.”

Erin: “People may think that brown hair is boring, or mousey, but I disagree – I find that it frames my face really well and lets me pull off bolder makeup.”


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