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Emerge From Lockdown with Incredibly Gorgeous Hair

by Laura French May 13, 2020

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Ok, so you can’t go to the salon for a trim. You can’t go to your colorist for highlights. Times are tough...extra-tough, if you’ve broken down and given yourself bangs. But what if we told you you could actually come out of quarantine with your best-looking hair ever—shiny, bouncy, effortlessly gorgeous? Yes, this is the good news we need right now, and yes, it’s totally possible. Behold, a six-point plan to rehab your hair during when we can all see each other in person again, the first thing your friends will say is “Your hair looks SO. GOOD.”
1.Embrace air drying. Step away from the hot tools! It’s not like you’re going anywhere fancy. Air-drying your hair is so easy and low-effort, not to mention healthy for your strands. Commit to a 30-day hiatus from your blow dryer, straightening iron, and curling iron to help your hair fully recover from heat damage. Here’s how we do it: after showering, gently blot your hair dry with a luxe hair towel. Then spritz on a volumizing product, like our LOUD + PROUD™ Volumizing Foam, to give your hair some life and lift. And then just, you know, wait. Hang out. We’re liking air-drying so much, we might take this practice into our post-quarantine routines.
2.Use a hair oil. Split ends got you down? We hear that. During this, the darkest timeline, it’s hair oil to the rescue. Since you can’t get a trim, apply one of the following—argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, or any blend of oils—to wet or dry ends to add strength and moisture. And just like that, your hair looks so silky and swingy, you won’t be able to tell it’s been months since your last haircut.

3.Make a masking date with your hair. Is anyone else getting tired of all the virtual conference calls and socially distanced happy hours? Sure, it’s nice to see other people, but they’re not all that relaxing, tbh. Why not schedule a little me time with a once-a-week hair mask? Order your favorite deep-conditioning treatment and liberally apply from your ends up to your mid-lengths. (For very dry hair, leave on overnight under a shower cap.) Pick your reality show poison, put your feet up, and take a few deep breaths.

4.Wash your hair less—or even try scalp training. Sure, it’s a high level of difficulty...but if not now, when? Scalp training describes the process of cutting out shampoo to help reduce the buildup of natural hair oils, ideally making your hair look both healthier and less greasy. Basically, you’re returning your scalp to its more balanced state. You can go big and ditch your shampoo entirely—but be warned, your hair will likely look and feel verrrrry greasy for a few weeks before oil production levels out. Give it a month of two, and your hair should revert to natural levels of oil production, looking smoother, shinier, and healthier without any product. If this sounds like too drastic an experiment, try using a sulfate-free shampoo no more than twice a week.

5.Don’t touch your hair. We’re already not touching our faces (TOUGH habit to break), so now is the perfect time to stop playing with your hair, too. Most of us are more likely to fiddle with our hair when we’re anxious, but guess what, tugging, twirling,’s all bad, and it all puts needless stress on your strands. Put your hair up and congratulate yourself for taking those CDC guidelines so seriously.

6.Grow it out! We’ve got nothing but time.

We’d love to hear your best sheltering-in-place hair care tips—even if it’s just dry shampoo (relatable). Stay safe, take care of each other, and take care of your hair.