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Color Crew Confessions: Dinner Party Dilemma

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Image by Madison Reed

A customer* had a dinner party of 15 guests looming in less then a week. Her grays however, were returning even before the guests got there. It was a dire situation.

Color Crew Confessions SQShe’d been going to the salon for years and waived ‘bye-bye” to the color at home option a long time ago. But the grays were here and the salon was booked solid.

She needed a solution and she needed it fast.

She took a brave step forward and found Madison Reed Hair Color online: salon quality hair color that’s easy to color at home – Perfect! And they deliver right to your doorstep! Help was on the way.

She placed an order and crossed her fingers. But sometimes obstacles like to make life more interesting. The order was not placed in time to make it before the dinner party. “What to do!?”

She got a hold of the Color Crew early on a Saturday morning. Potentially only her and the Madison Reed Color Crew were awake at that time. “Our hands are tied! What can we do for her? This order cannot possibly get to the customer before the party.” With great reluctance we bore the bad news. “There’s nothing we can do. We want to help, but we’re out of options.“

Saying ‘no’ weighs on us. We hate that word.

“The customer is in need – we will not accept defeat!”

We put our heads together and called delivery services all over San Francisco looking for someone to deliver on Saturday to arrive by Monday morning.

Finally, success! On the complete opposite side of the bustling city someone promised they could deliver. The Color Crew sacrificed a member to trek across the city and personally deliver the customer’s kit to the delivery company.

We called the customer with the solution and she was delighted.

The customer colored her hair Monday morning and spent the rest of the day preparing for the Dinner Party. She got compliments on her hair all night and the party went off without a hitch.

She loved the results and is a continuing customer of Madison Reed – we are so thrilled to have her!

Sometimes the need of the customer has more power than the word ‘no’.

“We will not accept defeat!”

Call your Color Crew for a consultation, advice or help 1.888.550.9586 – “we will not accept defeat!”


*This is a true story. Only the customer’s name has been withheld.

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