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5 Smart Health & Beauty Apps

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Handpicked for their design and convenience, these apps put the beauty in smartphones. No more aimless searching for apps that are truly helpful; here are five smart health and beauty tools to help you get gorgeous and feel great.

Beauty Mark

Elegant and beautifully designed, Beauty Mark is an interactive makeup tutorial from pro Hope Henderson. Perky and upbeat, she shows you via video or on-screen directions how to achieve your favorite looks customized to your skin tone and mood.  The fun, interactive part is selecting your look. Scroll through styles, divided by eyes, cheeks, and lips. (NOTE: for this app we recommend an iPhone 5 or 5s for best performance.)

Simply Being

Can ninety-nine cents buy you calmness and clarity? Apparently it can. Introducing  Simply Being – Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence, by Meditation Oasis. This mobile app guides you through your session with a soothing voice and sounds to a more focused, relaxed state. We also really love the customization settings, including various nature sounds, duration of your meditation session, and volume control. Discover Meditation Oasis apps for a wide range of devices here. 


If you’re in New York, LA, SF, or Dallas, Beautified comes to the rescue for last-minute spa and beauty appointments. Through this app’s sleek design, you can browse, book, and even pay for same-day services, from massages to waxes.

Good Guide

Rest assured that your beauty and household purchases are good for you and the rest of the planet using Good Guide’s mobile app.
Based on a site developed by chemists and toxicologists, Good Guide empowers consumers to make better choices on over 100,000 products. Search products by category (like pet food, makeup, and hair care) or scan items while at the store–and find out how they rank by health, safety, sustainability, and social responsibility. (NOTE: Can’t get to the app through the website? Search for it in your phone’s app store.)

Madison Reed

We couldn’t do a round-up without including our very own Madison Reed app that makes coloring hair at-home a cinch. It’s a step-by-step color assistant that’s voice activated–handy when your hands are busy–and guides you through the empowering process of coloring your own hair.

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