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4 Beauty Apps for the Fashion and Hair Obsessed

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Build and sort your wardrobe while discovering your next great hairstyle with these fun apps.

Style Thief

StyleThiefKate Bosworth’s new app lets you snap photos of clothes you like and find similar styles to purchase online. How accurate is it? Well, if you take a really clear, photo of the entire article of clothing you will get very similar results. Of course, if you simply type in what you’re looking for (example: red cocktail dress bcbg), you’re bound to find exactly what you want. Available for free on iPhone.


BangstyleFor the truly hair-obsessed, Bangstyle lets you search and save hairstyles, upload your own photos, track down local hairstylists, and find where to buy the hair products you need to get the fabulous looks posted in this app. Available for free on iPhone.

How to Make Your Hair Look Fab – Premium

Hair Look FabWith hundreds of videos and photos, styling how-tos, product reviews, and hair care tips, this app may be the largest repository of hair styling information available in an app. For only 99-cents, it’s certainly worth checking out this highly rated app. Available on iPhone.


StyleBookGet help keeping track of what exactly is in your closet and create outfits you didn’t even realize you had. Stylebook lets you catalog your closet and expand your wardrobe choices using what you already have. If nothing else, it will remind you that you haven’t worn that cute little blue sundress in months. Available for $3.99 in iPhone and iPad.

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