2018: The Year of You in Review

by December 19, 2018

2018 hair color photos

Image by Madison Reed

The end of the year is fast approaching—and oh, what a year it has been! Last January, we proclaimed 2018 to be The Year of You. And we were not wrong. Because it was YOU who made this our best year yet. You who continued to inspire us to do better, be better...you are why we do this. 

So it’s fitting that we take a moment to celebrate you with a round up of some of our favorite photos of...you guessed it—you. The photos you send us and tag us in mean everything to us. They are equal parts beautiful, strong, confident and uplifting. Let’s take a look...

We love this pic of Naia @firstclasscurls after using Radiant Cream Color in Venezia Brown, our darkest golden brown. She says her hair feels “healthier, fuller and shinier” after using it. Plus it covered her stubborn grays, and looks amazingly soft and rich...

Venezia Brown Hair Color Photo

But it’s not just about the results—sometimes it’s about the process, and beautiful results are a bonus. Busy mom of 3, Crystal @fitnessprincess525 says she was tired of spending up to $200 and sitting in a chair for 3 hours at the salon, so she tried doing it herself with Amalfi Blonde. She did a phenomenal job—check out her gorgeous golden result...

Amalfi Blonde Hair Color Photo

Of course we also get tons of great photos showing our >new Light Works™ Balayage Highlighting Kit. We think Emily @frescaem nailed it with her application of Light Works in Sorrento Cool Vanilla. Those curls with those highlights? She honestly looks like she spent hundreds on her hair. 

Sorrento Vanilla Blonde Hair Color Photo

And proving that our color is salon-quality, Heidi @heidiembellish says that her hair stylist loved her color after she used Radiant Cream Color in Manarola Blonde. Her stylist said her hair was super soft. And, of course, the cool light blonde is super gorgeous, too.

Manarola Blonde Hair Color Photo

But blondes don’t have all the fun. We love this Matera Marigold on writer & blogger Madison of @missminniemuse. The copper color is absolutely striking on her!

Matera Marigold Red Hair Color Photo

Speaking of striking...we cannot get enough of Carol’s Savona Scarlet. Her username *almost* says it all: @myfrecklesandcurls. The only thing that’s missing is how the cayenne color makes her eyes pop. Her freckles and curls and eyes and Savona Scarlet = wow.

Savona Scarlet Red Hair Color Photo

Here’s another one that catches our eye—the highlights Jenny from @xojennydey got from her Light Works™ Balayage Highlighting Kit in Lazio Cool Toffee. We love how it shows that yes, even dark-haired brunettes can get gorgeous, natural-looking highlights.

Lazio Cool Toffee Hair Color Photo

Here’s another example of color complimenting the curl. Or maybe the curl compliments the color? Either way, the dark golden brown of Napoli on Summer @spritely_one looks as if it was made for her. 

Napoli Brown Hair Color Photo

And this red. Or should we say amaretto? We’re more than a little obsessed with how Rachel @sparklepriestess rocks the Sardinia Red shade with such style.

Sardinia Red Hair Color Photo

Here’s another red—make that two reds. Rachel @rachelyorde mixed Ravello Blonde, a dark caramel, with Matera Marigold, a vivid copper blonde, and I think it’s safe to say she loved the result. She writes, “Seriously guys it is amazing, affordable, great quality and keeps people thinking I’m a natural redhead, which is one of the biggest compliments I could get.” We agree, Rachel—it IS amazing.

Ravello Blonde Hair Color Photo

And so is this Perugia Black on Jodi @thebrilliantbeauty. The blue black shade looks beautiful on her, and felt great, too. How do we know? She said, “It made my hair so soft you wouldn't even know I put permanent color on my natural hair.” Hair color that looks, and feels, gorgeous? We love it.

Perugia Black Hair Color Photo

And we love you. Your photos, your testimonials, your feedback, your support. Thank you for inspiring us every day, and please keep ‘em coming by tagging us in your photos @madisonreedllb #madisonreedcolor. Cheers to a Colorful New Year!