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Sarah H. Saves Her Scalp with Madison Reed

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Image by Madison Reed

Sarah H. has been coloring her hair for years with harsh chemical dyes, and she wanted a change for the better. Read how Madison Reed's healthier hair color has changed her life.

What was your experience with hair color before Madison Reed?
I've been coloring my hair for a gazillion years (give or take) and unfortunately, I'm pretty sure my scalp is a mess because of it. It's dry and irritated basically all the time. The fact that your hair color is free of harsh chemicals and full of all things good is what attracted me to it!

I've only used MR twice so far but I'm hoping that the longer I keep that other "nonsense" off of my hair and scalp, the quicker my scalp will heal. I'm completely in love with your hair color and wasn't telling any stories when I said that I'm now a MR customer for life!

How did you learn about us?

Sponsored posts kept showing up in my Facebook News Feed. (Obviously MR and I were meant to be. 😀 )


I've used the Portofino Red two times now and I absolutely love it! No harsh smell, no burning of my scalp, and the color is gorgeous. Thank you, Madison Reed!

Posted by Sarah Hughes on Wednesday, June 10, 2015


What helped you decide to try Madison Reed?

The no-nonsense posts on FB led me to the site where I read about all of the wonderful ingredients that are in the hair color, along with all of the icky ones that are NOT.  Plus, I happened to have a code for half off of my first order so that was definitely a bonus!

Did you get help from the Color Crew?

I've contacted them via the chat on the site and each time they've been wonderful. Always friendly and informative. And let's face it, when someone starts a conversation with "Hello, Beautiful", you really can't go wrong.

Did you feel taken care of?

Yes! Every time.

How did you decide which color to try?

I took the hair profile quiz to see which shade of red would be best for my long locks. (Sarah ended up with Portofino Red!)

How was your experience?

Nothing short of wonderful.

What have you noticed?

Since I began using Madison Reed hair color, there's a new life to my hair. I've found a gorgeous shade that I love and my hair is vibrant and manageable. The best part is that my scalp doesn't scream for help every time I color my hair now.

How does this affect your life?

In a positive manner, for sure. I do realize that looks aren't everything but when my hair looks good and there isn't a sliver of gray to be found, it makes me a happy woman!

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