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Madison Reed Repairs Damaged Hair

by Sherod Taylor April 02, 2015

Madison Reed Repairs Damaged Hair for Quirky Inspired

Image by Madison Reed

After a 4-hour salon process left her hair feeling like straw, Ashley Sears of Quirky Inspired turned to Madison Reed for repair and relief.

Spoiler alert, Radiant Color came to the rescue! It softened Ashley’s hair back up and gave her the rich color she wanted:

“When I opened my eyes, my beautiful Torino brown was back. Not only that, but my hair was cured. ONE application of Madison Read hair color and the Madison Reed conditioner and all the damage four hours of hair processing was undone. Praise who you praise, it’s a miracle.

This is the single reason I will NEVER cheat on Madison Reed again. I’ve already come clean with them about my transgression, and did make a resolution that it will never happen again. I love my hair too much to do it again!”

Visit How to Repair Damaged Hair in One Step to read her full review.

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