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A Guide to Bangs: The Pros and Cons

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It seemed like a good idea at the time, until one day, you look in the mirror, and realize it’s not. Bangs can be like that. In other cases, a new fringe can be deliriously liberating – the style equivalent of shouting from the rooftops, “Hey world, this is the new me.” Whether you’re flirting with the idea, loving them or ready to grow them out, we’ll support you through it all.

Stage One: Obsession

Four Bangs

You’ve been pondering it…a lot. The question is finding your most flattering style. Do a bit of research. Flip through celebrity pictures. Do you like a shaggy fringe a la FLOTUS? Something sleek and boss-lady like Anna Wintour? “Generally speaking, the more horizontal and straighter the line, the harder the look to wear” says Madison Reed’s resident hair expert Susan Roberts-Cooper. “Blunt and heavy bangs require a very symmetric face and perfectly proportioned features; however, a face-framing asymmetric soft fringe can be stylish and youthful,” she advises, drawing attention to eyes and cheekbones. One word of caution: if you’ve had bangs once before, dig out old pictures, and decide how they’ll be different this time around.

Stage Two: Love, Actually

You’re committed to your fringe, and often get compliments. In fact, it’s become your signature – and it’s so easy. Shampoo, blow dry just the bangs and you’re out the door. Did we also mention they hide roots? The only challenge is maintenance. Straight bangs require trims as often as once a week to stay neat. Luckily, many hairdressers give free fringe trims with the cost of a blow dry. You can also DIY. Here’s a handy tutorial from the Beauty Department for feathery styles.

Stage Three: Over It

It happens to everyone. You’re in love, and then you’re not. Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month, which means you’ll be fringe-free in approximately three to four months. “It feels like an eternity”, says Madison Reed Art Director, Courtney Escanio, who at the moment is growing out her sleek bob for free-flowing locks. But, it can still be a style statement. “You can split it in the middle”, says Courtney. “It feels very Kourtney Kardashian. When it gets in my eyes, I brush them all to the right side or when I get fed up, I pin them back like a mini poof. Hello Snooki!”

By: Cheryl Locke


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