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10 Habits of Women With Gorgeous Hair

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Image by Madison Reed

Imagine having silky, smooth locks that float while you walk. For women with gorgeous hair, that’s not too difficult to achieve, but it’s not impossible for the rest of us, either. No matter what kinds of hair issues you’d like to tackle, Madison Reed is here to help. Even if we’re not all blessed with naturally soft and bouncy hair, we can make a habit of paying attention to our routines and make changes where necessary. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Here are 10 habits of women with gorgeous hair.

They sleep with a silk pillowcase
Women with strong locks understand that sleep counts for one third of their lives. That’s a huge chunk of time, given that the other two-thirds are spent working and being out and about. Regular pillowcases can tangle hair into knots while we toss and turn, but silk pillowcases ease friction on the hair, making it less prone to breakage.

They use heat minimally
It’s difficult to lay off the heat completely. Women with gorgeous hair understand this, and heat style their hair one (sometimes two) times a week. Heat is the one of the biggest causes of breakage, so when heat styling tools like curling irons, hair straighteners and blow dryers are part of your daily routine, be forewarned! Hair thrives off of moisture, and when that moisture is slowly sapped due to heat use, follicles dry out and make your hair shafts less pliable.

They deep treat their hair
A deep treatment of the hair doesn’t need to involve an expensive hair mask. A great blend of olive oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil will do the trick. Just dampen your hair and massage the oils into your hair to let it absorb. Wash it out after a couple of hours — sometimes washing it twice helps with getting all the oil out. Madison Reed Nourishing Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner are a gentle, color-safe option for cleansing. Then, say hello to gorgeous hair the following day. It will shine in the sunlight.

They go sulfate- and paraben-free
Sulfates and parabens are the secret strippers of our hair. They cause build-up and contain chemicals which hold hair back from becoming silky and shiny. Madison Reed products have no added parabens and sulfates, and leave your hair free to shine.

They use a wide-tooth comb
Women with gorgeous locks know that it’s a no-no to brush wet hair, especially when getting out of the shower. If your hair is incredibly tangled, and there’s no choice but to brush it, hold your hair mid shaft, and stroke the ends softly until the knots are all out, then brush upwards toward your scalp. This way, the hair doesn’t rip from the top of your head. The benefit of using a wide tooth comb is that it separates knots without pulling on the strands too much. Go easy on that hair!

They eat healthy
Whatever you put on the inside, shows up on the outside. Our hair, skin, and nails are hugely dependent on which vitamins we’re getting through our food (and which ones we aren’t). Some foods that are great for building protein and facilitating shine in your hair are: avocados, legumes, eggs, salmon, walnuts and spinach. The vitamin C, proteins and Omega-3 in these foods help lengthen and strengthen hair.

They don’t lack on the luster
Sometimes a bit of a boost helps. Women with gorgeous hair know that all can’t be achieved by just eating healthy, and know when to add a good shine serum to their locks. Just be careful to not put on too much (no more than a dime size amount), otherwise your hair might start looking a little bit greasy.

They aren’t afraid of a trim
Trimming your hair won’t make it grow faster, but it will definitely make it grow healthier. A good rule of thumb is to trim your hair every six to eight weeks (sometimes longer if you don’t heat style very often) to avoid split ends. The most common cause of thinning hair is split ends which work their way up the hair shaft and break off mid-way — leaving the hair lighter on the bottom. The key to gorgeous hair isn’t long hair, it’s healthy hair.

They go a long time between washes
That’s right. As absurd as it sounds, going longer between washes helps the hair absorb its own natural oils, and lock in moisture. Washing your hair every day can take away natural oils from the strands and dry out your hair. Women with gorgeous hair limit washing to once or twice a week. The only exception is for women with straight hair, since natural oils penetrate the length of straight hair shafts easily. Straight hair can be washed every other day.

They protect their hair
Like skin, hair also needs protection from the sun and heat. But let’s face it, some of us can’t just let our hair dry naturally. For those of us who require it, heat protectant sprays and serums can help prevent damage to the follicles. Sometimes there are separate serums for blow drying and straightening, so choose wisely. Heat protectants can keep your hair from getting dry and brittle and give an extra week or two between those trims.

There you have it! These habits are easy to form, and don’t take too much time and effort. Women with gorgeous hair make it seem so easy, and lucky for us, it is. Are there any hair habits you can add to the list?

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