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Low-Maintenance Winter Hair Colors

by Madison Reed December 15, 2023

Low maintenance winter hair color

Image by Madison Reed

Winter's on its way, and while we all want to look fabulous, trekking to the salon through frosty weather isn't exactly everyone’s idea of a good time. That's why we're diving into the world of low-maintenance hair colors for 2023 that do not require regular, professional touch-ups. But, which colors are low-maintenance and on-trend  in 2023? We’ve got your answer right here – enjoy!


What Is a Low-Maintenance Hair Color?

In simple terms, a low-maintenance hair color it’s a type of color that works great with your natural color, creating a blend so smooth that your regrown roots actually complement your colored hair.


Another thing that defines low-maintenance hair color is fading. Some colors, such as red, are much more prone to it, meaning they require a lot of regular upkeep. However, there are hues that stay vibrant and can be considered low-maintenance.

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Best Low-Maintenance Hair Colors for Winter 2023

Now, let’s get to the best low-maintenance hair colors for Winter 2023. Here are some gorgeous hues that don’t require you to visit your hair colorist every few weeks:

  • Medium Golden Brown: first on our list is a medium brown, which you can achieve with our color kit, Tuscany Brown - 6NGV. What makes this color so great is that it complements most natural hair colors, so it will grow out nicely. Plus, it’s extremely popular and looks fabulous with any complexion, so you can be sure that it will look wonderful on you!

  • Medium Golden Blonde:  if your natural hair is light brown or dark blonde, you may choose a medium golden blonde, such as Capri Blonde 9NGV. This shade has champagne golden tones which will look natural as it starts to grow out. We don’t recommend it for dark or medium brown hair, though – in such cases, your roots will not lift (lighten) enough and may require more maintenance.

  • Candlelit Brunette: despite its name, this color is actually dark brown, with subtle highlights and lowlights. What it has in common with its name is that it’s supposed to mimic the flickering glow of a candlelight. This way, your hair will look natural for a long time, and fading will not be a problem. You can achieve this by visiting a professional colorist at one of our Hair Color Bars or by using our Light Works Balayage Highlighting Kit at home for a natural-looking finish.

  • Rich Brunette: you can also opt for a darker shade or soft black with Positano Black 3NNA. This shade is easy to keep up with thanks to quick root touch-up kits like Root Perfection™ – without having to make trips to the salon. Plus, black hair looks perfect during a snowy winter, ideally contrasting the weather and matching cozy white coats.

Other Ideas for Low-Maintenance Hair Color

Sometimes, it’s not what you do, but how you do it that matters. This is also true for low-maintenance hair color. Apart from the dye itself, the technique used may also affect how much effort you will need to put into keeping your hair beautiful. So, what are the best options?

  • Highlights: grab a hair highlighting kit in a subtly lighter color than your current one. This way, you’ll get a low-maintenance hair color resembling the natural way in which the sun reflects off of your hair. What’s so good about this technique? Fading is not a problem since the highlights will still look natural. Regrown roots won’t make a difference either, as your base hair color is still the same.

  • Lowlights: similar to highlights, subtle lowlights will give your hair a natural look with little-to-no effort put into maintenance. You can even combine them with highlights for the perfect look.

  • Choose a semi-permanent color: permanent color or highlights are not the only way to go when looking for a bit of color. If you are not concerned about gray coverage and just want to refresh your color or play with a new tone, then semi-permanent Color Reviving Gloss is the way to go.

The Takeaway

So, are you ready to get started with your fabulous new, low-maintenance hair color for Winter 2023? Grab one of our permanent hair color kits and surprise your friends with your new, winter-perfect look!


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