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Low-Maintenance Color to Camouflage Gray Hair

by Madison Reed December 15, 2023

Hair Color That’s Actually Designed to Cover Gray Hair

Image by Madison Reed

Covering gray hair doesn’t have to be hard! It all depends on the color you choose. In this post, we’ll help you find a low-maintenance color to camouflage your gray hair effortlessly and effectively. Which option should you choose? Find out below!

The Best Low-Maintenance Hair Colors for Gray Hair

So, which color should you choose for your gray hair? We’ve got lots of ideas for you - and they’re  easy to maintain, too! Here’s a list of them:

  • Dimensional Brown: brunette shades that contain a mix of undertones will provide a beautiful dimensional result. It gives the added benefit of making the regrowth of gray hair look less noticeable than using a highly saturated uniform shade. Napoli Brown 5NGV is a dark golden brown that gives rich chocolate dimension. The gold tones in the formula help to cover the gray, while the violet tones help to neutralize brassiness that can occur.

  • Ash Brown: while ash shades aren't known for providing full gray coverage on stubborn or resistant gray, they are a great way to cover gray without looking too heavy. If your hair is naturally dark brown, try Messina Brown 4NA. If your hair is naturally medium brown, try Siena Brown 6NAV.

  • Cool Blonde: if your hair is naturally on the lighter side or if you are 100% gray/white, going with a cool blonde shade will help your gray grow out effortlessly. Try Bellagio Blonde 9.5NNA for a cool medium blonde shade. Using a cool-toned blonde will blend well as the gray and white hair grows out. If your natural hair color (between the gray hair) is darker than a light brown, we wouldn't recommend using blonde.

Pro Tips for Low-Maintenance Ways to Blend Gray & Touch Up Gray Strands

We’ve shown you the best shades for low-maintenance gray coverage, but what about other ways to camouflage gray hair without going for an all-over color?

  • Quick root touch-ups: if you don't have time to get to the salon or simply don't want an all-over color, try our Root Perfection™ Root Touch Up Kit! This 10-minute color is designed for just your hair part and partline, giving you a fast, easy, and seamless fix when your grays start showing.

  • Highlights: just like we mentioned dimensional color above, highlights give the same effect. Adding lighter pieces throughout your hair adds contrast and helps to soften a regrowth line. The highlights will complement the gray or white strands growing in so they can grow out more seamlessly without a harsh line.

  • Lowlights: if you don't want to commit to coloring your hair all over to cover your gray completely, a great solution is to get lowlights. This type of coloring will cover strands of gray while keeping some of your natural color.

  • Toners and Gloss: if you want to keep your natural gray and not commit to permanent color, there are some great ways to enhance and flaunt your gray. Semi-permanent Color Reviving Gloss is a beautiful way to keep the tone of your gray fresh and shiny. The shade Crema has cool violet tones to help banish brassiness and enhance the silver tone of your color.

Don’t Know Which Low-Maintenance Color to Choose for Your Gray Hair? Visit a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar!

If you find it difficult to make a choice between all the options listed for covering your gray hair, just visit a HHair Color Bar near you and talk to our expert colorists! We will advise you on the best technique to achieve your desired result, and color your hair for you professionally with the best products available - in less time than a traditional salon! So, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Takeaway

Highlights, lowlights, full coverage, quick touch-ups: which low-maintenance techniques and colors will you choose to camouflage your gray hair? No matter which color/technique you choose, be sure to use our professional color and highlighting kits made with ingredients you can feel good about – with them, you’ll make your hair look healthy and beautiful, achieving 100% gray hair coverage!


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