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How To Avoid Your Color Turning Out Too Dark

by Susannah Murdock {{"2020-07-22T15:06:00.000Z" | blogDate:'MMMM d, y'}}

Image by Madison Reed

It happens to the best of us. You color your hair at home, and the color turns out darker than you thought it would. But it doesn't have to happen. Here’s how to avoid your hair color turning out darker than you wanted…
Most people don’t realize that you don’t have to pull the color through your hair every time you color. Actually—you SHOULDN’T color your entire head of hair with permanent hair color every time you color. You should only color your entire head if coloring for the first time, changing your hair color, or every few months. That’s right—only color your roots and new growth with permanent color. This is because the mid-lengths and ends of your hair are usually more porous than your roots, meaning they soak up the color faster, resulting in darker color. So if you color your roots, but want to refresh the color on your mid-lengths and ends, what are you supposed to do? Glad you asked...
If you need to touch up your roots but also want to refresh your color and add vibrancy and shine, we recommend what we like to call “The Perfect Pair”—that’s using permanent color on your roots and a gloss on your mid-lengths and ends. You may not realize it, but this is actually what most colorists do in salons when you get your color done. Want to see how? It’s easy. Click here for a video tutorial to show you how it’s done.
If your hair color is already too dark, too dull, or too anything, you can always use a hair color primer. That’s right—primers aren’t just for makeup! Prime for Perfection® penetrates the hair cuticle to remove excess color build up, giving you an optimal base for your color. So if you color your hair and feel it has gotten too dark, with Prime for Perfection®, you can actually pull some of that color out to start fresh.
And as always, if you have any concerns or questions about application or want help finding your perfect shade that won’t turn out too dark (or too light, too red, too cool, too anything!), please contact our Color Crew—that’s what they are there for!
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