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12 Short Haircuts to Flatter Every Face Shape

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Image by Madison Reed

When it comes to hairstyles, you want to show off your personality, while also getting a low-maintenance, stylish look. Short haircuts are one way to make a big, exciting change, and Madison Reed is here to help!

Find out what suits you with our list of 12 stunning short haircuts, organized by which face shape it flatters best. From ultra-short to shoulder-length, you have a bevy of beautiful options!

short haircuts for round faces

Short Bangs

  1. Soft and Shoulder Length - Best for Round Faces

    short edgy haircuts for round faces

    This haircut and style works perfectly with round faces because it ends past the jawline, giving it a slightly more prominent appearance. The cut works best with wavy, curly, and coily hair, as the hair appears thick and can be worn naturally (you’ll love the ease).

  2. Short Layers with Fringe - Best for Round Faces

    short haircuts for round faces

    Fringe always makes a round face appear more angular, and the short layers highlight the cheekbones. This haircut requires very little work to keep in good condition and adds a fresh, youthful look to straight, wavy, and curly hair types.

  3. Stacked Bob With Messy Finish - Best for Round Faces

    short asymmetrical bob - short asymmetrical haircuts

    Image source: stylecraze

    Frame a round face beautifully with a stacked bob with a slightly messy finish (that way, if you did just get out of bed, you can say it was on purpose). This feminine and chic haircut works best with straight, wavy, and curly hair. When styled right, it can look like a fashion-forward cut with barely any maintenance.

    short haircuts for oval faces

  4. The Undone Baby Bob - Best for Oval Faces

    short haircuts for oval faces

    Image source: Brit.co

    Stylish comedian Kristen Wiig makes her oval face appear shorter with a baby bob and face-framing waves. This cut works for every hair type, as long as the hair is cut at the same length. The best part about this style? It gives ultra-fine hair the appearance of thickness.

  5. Shoulder Length with Baby Bangs - Best for Oval Faces

    short haircuts for oval face - short haircuts for oval faces with bangs

    Image source: Brit+Co

    We’ll admit: baby bangs can be a tricky style. But if you have an oval face, you’re among the few who can pull this look off with grace. Our favorite part about this style is that you can have the fringe without it getting in your eyes (because we know you really don’t have time for that). This cut works best with straight and wavy hair.

  6. The Perfect Pixie - Best for Oval Faces

    short haircuts for oval face shape

    The chic and trendy pixie cut can look lovely on any face shape, but works best on oval faces. This cut keeps you fresh and youthful-looking by showing off your bone structure and cheekbones!

    Haircuts for Heart Face Shape

  7. Bob with Fringe - Best for Heart-Shaped Faces

    short asymmetrical bob for heart face shape

    Image source: allure

    Get more bang for your buck when your face is heart-shaped with a layered cut with some fringe like Michelle Obama. The bangs give your face a more jovial appeal, while the layered locks are bouncy and fun. Killer smile not included (but you’ll probably gain one when you try this style!).

  8. The Pixie Undercut - Best for Heart-Shaped Faces

    short hairstyles for heart faces

    Image source: hairstylestars

    If you want to keep up with trends but don’t have the time to spend hours styling it, this edgy haircut is for you. This looks best on heart-shaped faces. With this particular hairstyle, it’s all about the cut. Be sure to show your hair stylist a few pictures you pulled from the web (feel free to take this one) to make sure your intentions are clear. Luckily, this cut works for every hair type: straight, wavy, curly, and coily.

  9. Short Textured Bob - Best for Heart-Shaped Faces

    short asymmetrical bob - semi short hairstyles

    A short textured bob is tailor-made for a heart-shaped face. It gives room for volume and movement (especially if your hair is thick) and falls naturally so that you won’t have to worry about stray strands. Versatility is not an issue with this haircut, as it can be styled in a number of ways and works with all hair types. For coily hair, be sure to use some leave-in conditioner and a little bit of shea butter to prevent frizz.

    Haircuts for Square Face Shape

  10. The Layered Bob - Best for Square-Shaped Faces

    short haircuts for square faces

    Image source: allure

    For a square-shaped face, a layered bob adds soft edges to soften the look, and give it a more feminine appeal. It gives you room to add loads of volume on top. This style works best with straight and wavy hair.

  11. Asymmetrical Bob Super Short Cut - Best for Square-Shaped Faces

    short asymmetrical haircuts

    A short, asymmetrical bob haircut gives a trendy appeal on a square-shaped face, and highlights bone structure and strong jawline. This cut works best with all hair types, as long as it’s maintained appropriately. Ask your stylist for tips when you get this cut.

  12. Short and Side Swept - Best for Square-Shaped Faces

    short hairstyles for square faces

    A feminine, and easy to maintain haircut for a square-shaped face is to keep it from getting in the way with a side swept hair cut. This professional yet stylish hair cut works best for straight, wavy, and curly hair.

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