Roots? What Roots? Introducing Root Reboot

by April 20, 2017

Root Reboot

Image by Madison Reed

It’s FINALLY here...the NEWEST thing to get rid of your roots. 

Introducing Root Reboot™

Retouch your gray roots in just 10 minutes & reclaim 2 weeks of flawless hair before your next salon visit. 

Quickly camouflage telltale gray roots with Madison Reed Root Reboot™. No fuss, no mess, no harsh odor. This fast & fabulous root touch up is as easy as mix, shake, apply. The innovative, precision, drip-free sponge applicator delivers flawless color in an instant, seamlessly blending onto your hair to deliver 100% gray coverage to your T-zone (hairline and roots). 
Easy? Yes. 
Ingenious? Absolutely. 
Best kept secret? YES, even your colorist won’t notice—color just washes out without altering your underlying hair color. 

The revolution may not be televised, but we did make a video all about the making of this revolutionary new root product…