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Amy Errett Honored with 2020 Resilience Award

Madison Reed founder and CEO recognized for pandemic leadership

Oct 11, 2020
SAN FRANCISCO--- October 8, 2020--Digiday Media today announced that Amy Errett, CEO and founder of beauty disruptor Madison Reed, is among the recipients of its first-ever Resilience Awards, recognizing the industry visionary for protecting her workers and giving back during a time of crisis.

In naming the winners, the editors at Digiday-- which includes its flagship Digiday platform along with Glossy and Modern Retail wrote, “...over the course of this year, some businesses did more than survive-- they thrived and grew, all while protecting their employees’ health and giving back to the world.

“Indeed, the most resilient brands of 2020-- the ones we honor today-- were the ones that placed their employees’ well-being, the broader social good, ahead of everything else,” the editors said.

The awards were given in three categories: to businesses, to teams and to leaders. Errett was singled out for her deeply compassionate leadership. As the country went into lockdown, online orders for Madison Reed hair color surged 12X. But the retail side of the company-- its iconic Color Bars with nearly 100 employees ---were facing closures. Errett moved to protect her team. Rather than lay off a single person, she undertook the retraining of all Color Bar employees to take on customer service roles to handle the surge in demand.

But that wasn’t all Errett did. Recognizing the potentially crushing stress of the situation at head, she partnered with Talkspace to offer free mental health services to her employees.

“Errett kept her employees employed and made sure they were doing better than just surviving,” the editors said in conferring the award.

“The recognition really should go to my incredible team,” Errett said. “It would have been totally understandable if at any time, any one of them just said ‘we can’t keep going’--- but they never did. They define resilience.”

Other recipients include All Birds, Shopify Chewy, Sephora and Guru Gowrappan, executive vice president and group CEO, VErizon Media, who was the other recipient of a personal award for leadership.

About Madison Reed
Madison Reed is a beauty company revolutionizing the way we color our hair. The fast-growing startup has created a luxurious hair-color formula free of the eight harsh ingredients--Smart 8-- typically used by other brands. Madison Reed uses proprietary color-matching technology and a team of professional, on-call colorists to help clients choose the perfect shade of hair color, which is delivered to their door. In 2017, Madison Reed brought its gorgeous colors to physical retail, opening its first Color Bar in New York City. With the opening of three new Color Bars next month in the DC metro area, Madison Reed will have 20 locations across the country -- in the San Francisco Bay Area, Texas, greater Atlanta, the Washington, D.C. area, King of Prussia, PA, and its newest Color Bar in Boca Raton, FL. Color Bars give clients the opportunity to have the same Madison Reed color applied by a professional colorist. Madison Reed® Mr.™ Hair Color for Men is available exclusively at MadisonReedMR.com and will be debuting at Madison Reed Color Bars in the fall. The company’s women’s line can be found online at madison-reed.com and ulta.com, or in-store at Ulta Beauty and Madison Reed Color Bars.