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All About Ammonia-Free Hair Color

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Image by Madison Reed

We’re as passionate about what we put into our formulas as what we leave out. One ingredient that we will never include in our formulas is ammonia. 
Why We Don’t Use Ammonia
Ammonia opens the hair cuticle and increases the porosity of hair, which weakens it, causing frizz, split ends and color fading. Plus, exposure to ammonia fumes can irritate skin, eyes, throat, and lungs, causing watery eyes, itchy scalps, coughing, or burning. 

We never use ammonia in any of our formulas. Instead, we use ethanolamine, an ingredient that helps give predictable, permanent results, while being more pleasant and comfortable to use.

One comment we often hear from our customers is that “our hair color doesn’t stink.” In more ways than one. No ammonia means no odor. Just rich, shiny, gorgeous ammonia-free hair color. 

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