Inside Our Formula: Rice Protein, The Moisture Retainer

by July 09, 2014

Inside Our Formula: Rice Protein, The Moisture Retainer

Image by Madison Reed

Brushing, drying, styling, and even just pulling your hair into a ponytail can damage your hair. Rice Protein is one of the key ingredients in Madison Reed’s Nourishing, Color-Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner that hydrates and helps strengthen your locks to restore your hair back to health!

Rice Protein for Hair Health and Shine

Rice protein has the ability to:

  • Smoothen the hair shaft,
  • Give your hair a natural shine boost,
  • Pump up the body and volume in hair.

This vegetarian protein is also known to help protect hair from drying elements like wind, dry air, and sun. It strengthens hair against other day-to-day stress agents that can cause hairs to split, break, and fall out.

Extracted from rice bran (“Orysa Sativa”), rice protein is a soluble, cosmetic grade, vegetable protein. With a special ability to bind with oils, Rice Protein is a useful ingredient in oil absorbent formulations. It’s also an excellent film former, adding natural shine and highlights to hair.


In addition, Rice Protein increases the ability of skin and hair to bind moisture, which results in increased flexibility and tensile strength for hair. On the skin and scalp, this increased moisture retention results in a more hydrated and elastic surface.

Rice Protein is also used in:

  • Cosmetic make-up bases
  • Hair styling products
  • Moisturizers for sensitive skin, cleansing masks, liquid face soaps

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