Ginseng the Hair Strand Strengthener

by April 07, 2014

Inside Our Formula: Ginseng the Strand Strengthener

Image by Madison Reed

With centuries of testimonials to support its claim, Ginseng reigns as the most popular nutrient that promotes hair strength.

Inside Our Formula: Ginseng the Strand Strengthener

Ginseng comes from the Chinese term “rénshen”, which translates into “man root”, given that the root of the plant looks like the legs of a man. The herb was considered to be a symbol of divine harmony and its human shape was highly desirable.

With its anti-inflammatory effect, it is believed that ginseng has benefits for hair growth, reduction of hair loss, and scalp stimulation. Some claim the strengthening the hair roots indirectly prevents hair loss caused by hair that get less than optimal nutrition. In this case, ginseng is said to optimize the absorption of nutrients by hair.

From San Mountain Herbs:

“The ginseng benefits for hair growth is an exciting part of the research being done using this well-known herb. In Osaka, Japan, there was a study that suggested that the Ginsenoside Ro carbohydrate was shown to help fight androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as balding, in men. It is thought that this could have widespread cosmetic implications and lead to future drug development for the prevention and regrowth of hair in men with natural herbal ginseng remedies.”

Ginseng penetrates the cortex of hair strands and is known to help improve hair strength, add volume, and soften hair by helping it retain moisture. Which is why Ginseng is one of the primary nutrients in all Madison Reed hair color and care products.

By: Natasha Marie Siebert