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A Self Care Night To Remember

by December 16, 2020

BLOG.12.16-New Year's Eve 2020 Self Care Tips

Image by Madison Reed

Spending New Year’s Eve at home this year? Oh hey, us too. After a long and stressful year, nothing sounds more appealing to us than relaxing at home in a comfy sweatsuit and the thickest possible pair of wool socks, popping some champagne, ordering takeout...and getting our evening of self care on. Here are some of our potential plans for a cozy night in while ringing in 2021:
Idea #1: Color & chill
Sometimes your time off is best spent playing catch up on your to-do list—no shame in that game. Hence, why we love the idea of starting the year off right with gorgeous, freshly-colored hair. It’ll be one less thing to do in 2021! So, permission granted to order in your favorite takeout, grab your box of Radiant Hair Color, get your latest Netflix show cued up, and put on your oldest, softest T-shirt. You can even FaceTime your friends if they want to get in on the hair color party action. Best of all, the whole process shouldn’t take much more than an you don’t even have to stay up until midnight if you don’t want to.
Idea #2: Take masking to the next level
Ring in the new year with refreshed, restored hair—courtesy of your Color Therapy mask, a luxe in-shower treatment you’ll use in place of conditioner. These color depositing hair masks refresh tone in just 5 minutes. The more often you mask, the more color is deposited. After shampooing, apply to wet hair as you would conditioner and wait 5 minutes for rich, natural-looking color and shine. After the shower, we recommend making a full-on spa night of it with your favorite face mask, lip mask, eye mask, or even foot mask; give yourself a mani-pedi complete with cuticle oil and hand cream; or try an ice roller for a quick de-puffing treatment. Candles and cucumber water are optional but encouraged.
Idea #3: Be the belle of the Zoom ball
Got a big virtual party to attend? Since you don’t have to travel any farther than your living room, now is the time to pull out all the stops. Sadly, no one will be able to see your cute metallic heels or leather pants...but don’t let that stop you. Pour a glass of bubbly, put on your favorite party playlist from the Before Times, and go all out with your makeup and hair. Here are our three favorite New Year’s Eve party hairstyles perfect for a Zoom bash:
Twenties-Inspired Curls: Okay, last year might have kicked off the new roaring twenties, but we’d like a do-over, please. Try flapper curls with a modern twist—instead of the finger waves of yore, go for bigger, more defined curls. To style, curl hair with a medium barrel curling iron before finishing with hairspray. Don’t have a curling iron? Use a quarter-size amount of our LET’S BOUNCE™ curl defining cream instead. Add a sparkly jewelled headband for Great Gatsby vibes.

Not Your Weekday Ponytail: What you wear every day, but make it fancy. Use our SLEEK ATTACK™ styling cream on damp hair before blowing dry for soft, touchable hold and style. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure in place with a hair tie. Tamp down any flyaways with hairspray. Then, take a section of hair from underneath the ponytail to wrap around the hair-tie. Secure with a bobby pin. Add a velvet hair bow if the mood strikes you!

Start The New Year With A (Braid) Bang: First, you’ll want to use LOUD + PROUD™ volumizing foam for instant body. Apply 2-4 pumps to your hair before blowing dry or letting air dry for flexible, crunch-free style. Take about a one-inch section of hair at the top of your bangs and divide evenly into 3 strands. Twist the back strand over the middle strand, then the front strand over the middle strand and repeat a few times until you’re happy with the length of the braid. We like this look paired with a dramatic side part and secured with a little hairspray.

We hope you’ll try one of our party looks or self care ideas for your chill New Year’s Eve in this year. Cheers to a restful and relaxing night...stay safe, stay cozy, and may 2021 be your best hair year yet.