10 Ways to Best Your Bad Hair Days

by August 17, 2017

Bad Hair Day

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If you’ve got a head of hair then you know–bad hair days happen. We’ve all been there, and while it’s true that you could hide your unruly tresses in a baseball cap, why give up when you can get even–and look amazing? Fight back with the strategies below, sure to help you conquer every kink, cowlick, and crazy ‘hair don’t’ your head throws at you.

  • PROBLEM: You’ve got a raging case of bedhead.
    SOLUTION: Bedhead is the culmination of all evils…flat spots, poufy areas, kinks, curls…you name it. You’ve got two options: braid it or high bun it up. Both styles work really well with texture-rich hair because all the bends and twists help your plait (or loose top knot) stay tidy and tucked together.

  • PROBLEM: Your frizz is taking over the world.
    SOLUTION: First, take preventative measures. Use a deep-conditioning mask once a week to nourish and hydrate hair, and apply Tame to damp tresses so it can contain and manage hair as it dries. If you still suffer from frizz during the day, mist a brush with hair spray and lightly run it over strands to instantly tame flyaways.

  • PROBLEM: Oily roots are weighing you down. 
    SOLUTION: Dry shampoo is your best friend. Spray the underside of your roots, letting the powder soak up the moisture for a couple of minutes, before brushing it through and blasting with a hair dryer. It’ll de-grease strands and revive volume.

  • PROBLEM: Your cute fedora crushed your style. 
    SOLUTION: Hat hair is the unfortunate drawback to caps of all kinds…no matter how stylish the hat. Before putting one on, part hair on the opposite side you usually do. When you take off your hat, switch your part back to its normal position and, voila–unexpected oomph.

  • PROBLEM: Awkward bangs. Enough said.  
    SOLUTION: Too long, too short, sticky up and out. The list of bang awkwardness is never ending. Use accessories to tack or twist them back (an artful row or a crisscross design of colorful bobby pins looks like an intentional style rather than a cover up). Or, mist strands with a texturing spray to help shorter pieces stay in place before creating a hairline braid.

  • PROBLEM: Flat care. Do care. 
    SOLUTION: Flip your head upside down, hit roots with some heat, or add movement with a curling iron. No hot tools around? Mist roots with a workable-hold hair spray, then use both hands to massage it in and give hair a good tussle for a tousled effect.

  • PROBLEM: Your roots are showing. 
    SOLUTION: Roots happen to the best of us. If you haven’t had time to hit the box (or salon), you can instantly camouflage your roots with Root Touch Up. Or, if you have 10 minutes, use Root Reboot™ before you shower for a 2 week fix for roots. Another trick is to whip out the curling iron. Adding volume to your root area will help hide your part and diffuse the line where the color stops and roots begin.

  • PROBLEM: Curls without bounce or boing. 
    SOLUTION: When curly hair loses its groove, it’s a sad day for everyone. To re-energize those once springy tresses, wet your hands and work hair into two braids. Let hair set and dry for 10 minutes, then let loose. The water, moisture, and memory-jogging braid should help reshape curls and reactivate styling product.

  • PROBLEM: Static cling has you (and your hair) on edge. 
    SOLUTION: Dry air from heaters and arid conditions (think desert or winter), and even certain fabric materials can cause hair to freak out, resulting in annoying static. Skip the brush, which can make it worse. Instead, if you have normal to dry hair, rub a small amount of serum, such as our Style, over strands from middle to ends. If you have oily hair, spray hands with hair spray, then run them from root to tip. Psst…you can also run a dryer sheet over hair to unlock the static cling.

  • PROBLEM: Your hair takes a turn for the worse away from home. 
    SOLUTION: Keep troubleshooting tools stashed in a drawer at your office. A can of dry shampoo can revive fallen volume in an instant, de-grease roots, and add style-holding texture to a braid, bun, or updo. A little can of hairspray or Tame can help with flyaways, frizz and static in an instant. Finish your kit with a small, portable hair dryer plus bobby pins and hair ties and you should be set for anything.

There you go–10 surefire strategies to bust your bad hair days back into good ones. Make that great hair days.