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Madison Reed Colorist Cooperative

We love colorists and value your talents, and we want to support you during these unprecedented times by paying you money while you help your clients keep their color fresh. For each new client you refer, we’ll pay you $25.

Why you should join

From the beginning, licensed colorists like yourself have been the heart and soul of Madison Reed, first as members of our Color Crew (our call center), then as colorists in our Color Bars. We’re thrilled to launch our first ever Colorist Cooperative affiliate program.

As an expert in hair color, you know that sometimes your clients need solutions for keeping their color fresh on their own. With the Colorist Cooperative, you get $25 for each client you refer that is new to Madison Reed, and purchases any one or more of the following products: Radiant Cream Color/permanent color, Color Reviving Gloss, Root Reboot®, or our Light Works® Balayage Highlighting Kit.

We have supported colorists from the very beginning and will do that forever, and we want to support you through this challenging time. We would absolutely LOVE for you to join our team. Click here to learn more about our color.

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