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What Your Hairstyle Says About You

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Whether it's a quick-and-easy updo or refined and polished tresses, your go-to hairstyle says a lot about your personality. Check out our list of eight signature styles, and see what your look is saying about you.

  1. Ponytail

    ponytail hairstyle

    What it says

    A signature ponytail indicates someone who balances an efficient, low-key demeanor with classic style. Since this style can be worn sleek and straight, textured and edgy, or glammed up with the right accessories, a ponytail tells the world that you are ready to conquer everything, from the boardroom to the yoga room.

    Take it up a notch

    Add a chic touch to your ponytail by wrapping a long strand of hair around the hair elastic to cover it completely. This is a great 30-second fashion upgrade for after-work cocktails.

    To play with a carefree summery look, try a low ponytail with loose, face-framing locks. Complete the look with a sundress and light, natural makeup for effortless appeal.

  2. Short and Styled

    Short and styled hairstyle

    What it says

    A short haircut exudes self-assuredness. The pixie cut is at once no-frills and elegant, avant-garde and classic. This is the rare haircut that can complement both a fashion-forward twenty-something and a refined, elegant woman.

    Take it up a notch

    If you usually wear your hair sleek against the head, try tousling with a lightweight styling cream to create edgy texture. Wear with dark eyeliner for a more dramatic evening look. A short haircut gives off a sense of mystery, and who doesn’t want to keep people guessing?

  3. Classic Chignon

    Classic Chignon Hairstyle

    What it says

    There’s a reason the chignon(bun) hairstyle has endured—it’s an elegant classic that adds instant sophistication, from the ballet barre to a corporate event. It announces that you’re a poised woman who balances a confident attitude with a graceful femininity. It can accompany a gown as effortlessly as it pairs with jeans and a button-down shirt. That is some serious versatility.

    Take it up a notch

    Traditionally worn high on the head or low above the neck, a chignon gains a modern update with a side-swept placement. Just make a side part, gather hair into a low ponytail behind one ear, and coil into a bun. Secure as usual and add glittering pins if gong to a festive event.

  4. Undone Bun

    Undone bun hairstyle

    What it says

    The carefree sister to the classic chignon, an undone bun adds a dash of casual glamour to the polished bun. If this is your daily, you’re likely creative, imaginative, and resourceful.

    Take it up a notch

    This style can be dressed up or down depending on its placement and looseness, making it truly versatile. For a day at the work, pull the bun into a tight, messy top knot (positioned at the top of the head) for a chic, on-trend look that’s cool for summer and has a youthful, lifting effect.

  5. Natural Curls

    Natural Curls Hairstyle

    What it says

    If you have naturally curly hair and opt to ditch the flat iron, you understand one very important principle of personal style: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. This hairstyle is a clear signal to the world that you are confident and true to yourself. However you wear this style—short, medium, or long—you’re an original who knows a thing or two about personal style.

    Take it up a notch

    As we enter warm, humid months, keep curls touchable soft and smooth with a finishing treatment that fights frizz. You can also maintain more volume by focusing shampoo at the roots and conditioner at the end when washing hair.

  6. Long and Loose

    Long and Loose Hairstyle

    What it says

    Long hair has classic appeal and wearing it down tells the world that you know how to rock a tried-and-true look with your own style. This hairstyle goes from work-appropriate and dressy, to carefree and beachy in the blink of any eye.

    Take it up a notch

    If you normally wear long hair sleek and straightened, give yourself a break from flat. Spritz texturizing mist onto your roots, scrunch up to add body, and show off a trendy tousled look.

  7. Braided

    Braided Hairstyle

    What it says

    If a braid is your go-to hairstyle, you balance attention to detail with an unaffected grace. A braid adds visual interest to hair, and can be worn simply or elaborately, depending on the occasion. Simple braids recall the laidback look of the seventies while more intricate braids have an upbeat, modern vibe.

    Take it up a notch

    If you have medium to long hair, try tucking the end of a classic French braid underneath your hair at the nape and pinning into place. You’ll get a clean, modern twist on a romantic hairstyle that complements sundresses and gowns alike.

  8. Big Waves

    Big Waves Hairstyle

    What it says

    Loose curls and big waves are an instant call to romance. If you wear your hair in this style, you’re a dreamer who sees infinite possibilities in day-to-day experiences.

    Take it up a notch

    Big, loose waves conjure a romantically carefree spirit. Add an subtle upscale touch with a thin metallic headband that gives hints of modern shine amidst the bouncy waves.

    Want more about wavy hair? Then check out our all you need to know post on wavy hair.

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