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Coily Locks Gets Fresh with Madison Reed!

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Photo courtesy of customer Alisha of "Coily Locks" who uses Firenze Brown (6NMG) on "Sybil."

Yes, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that "Sybil" was not actually Alisha from Coily Locks, but rather her fresh fringe! The mother of two turned to Madison Reed when "Sybil" caught a bad case of the grays. Here’s the full scoop:

Coily Locks Madison Reed Hair Color Review

Madison Reed, I would like for you to meet Sybil!

Hey my peeps!  OMG can you all believe that I did not cut Sybil at all last year.  This means I won a bet with my friend Racheal and she now owes me drinks…winning!  Last year I did a self-imposed challenge that I would go one full year without cutting my hair.  Did you read about the challenge?

This time last year I was rocking a fierce brush cut.  My head was freezing but I was fierce!  LOL  December of 2013 was when I decided to give Sybil a fresh start and I loved it!

brush cut coily locks TWA natural hair Alisha Lampley

And here we are today and I’m still amazed that I let my hair grow and didn’t chop her off during the year!  Now keep in mind this is my before picture so I’m looking crazy as a ****!


LAWD do y’all see all that “wisdom” around my hairline?!?!  That is just wrong, especially since I’m 25. *wink wink* My hair grew just over 4 inches during the year which is pretty much average (about 1/4 inch each month).

I’ve never been one to shy away from experimenting with hair color so I was super happy when I learned that Madison Reed provided everything you need to color your hair at home.  I’ve been covering all those wisdom hairs for years, but for me the greys sometimes want to retaliate and not color.  I thought I’d give Madison Reed the benefit of the doubt to see if they would be able to cover them.  I chose the color Firenze Brown which I put over an earlier reddish-brown color that I already had on my hair.


One thing that I absolutely loved about their system is that everything you need is included.  They give you 2 pairs of awesome gloves (not that flimsy clear stuff that rips easily) along with a cap, cream to prep around your hairline and ears and also a wipe to clean up any color that got on your skin.  And there was no horrible ammonia smell which is always a plus when using products like this.  To top it all off those dreaded greys are gone…they are now blondish brown…but they are gone!  Yyyyyyaaaassss!  I may or may not have been feeling myself just a bit on these after pictures.




I got it flat ironed last week, but I was itching to see my coils and even happier that I didn’t have any heat damage *phew*.  I got about 4 inches cut off the nape area because I was so tired of the afro mullet shape that was going on with Sybil.

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