Bridging the Gap: Toggling Between Salon and At-Home Hair Color

by February 13, 2019

hair salon vs home hair color

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Sometimes it feels as if the world is divided into two types of people: people who like Twizzlers and people who like Red Vines...people who pronounce gif with a hard “g” and people who pronounce it with a “j” like jelly...people who color their hair in a salon and people who color their hair at home. The list goes on. While we will stay silent on our red licorice and gif preferences, we would like to bridge the divide between those who think you either have to be a person who goes to a salon or someone who colors her hair at home. Because guess what? We think you can do both. Here are a few good reasons to toggle between getting your hair colored at a salon, and coloring your own hair at home.

The Root of It
The most obvious reason to toggle between the salon and at-home hair color is for touching up any gray hair. That is, some people just prefer to get their hair colored in a salon. We get it. But if you have grays that start to appear a few weeks after you had your hair colored, you don’t have to go back to the salon—there is no reason you can’t touch them up yourself at home. It’s easy, it saves time and money, and it doesn’t affect your overall color if you are simply touching up gray hair. 

Go for the Gloss
Another easy way to extend time between getting your hair colored at the salon is by using gloss on your hair at home. For a while, glosses were a bit a salon secret. But now you can use a gloss at home for the same salon-quality result. A gloss can help refresh faded color, combat brassiness, correct tone and add instant shine. With no mixing required, a gloss is truly an easy, goof-proof way to extend your color (whether your color your hair in a salon or at home...or both). 

Take a Base Break Between Highlighting
If you get highlights at a salon, you can extend the time between highlight services by a month or more just by coloring your roots at home. You can touch up your roots and cover any grays with permanent color. This doesn’t affect any highlighted areas on your mid-lengths or ends—on the contrary, a darker base at the roots, also known as root shadowing, can highlight your, well, your highlights while adding depth and dimension to your hair color. Plus it’s supposed to look natural, so you don’t need to be precise. It truly doesn’t get any easier than this...all while saving a few hundred bucks by extending the time between getting your highlights done at a salon.

So there you have it—the world is not so divided after all. You can color your hair at a salon AND at home. You can eat Red Vines AND Twizzlers. (But there is only one correct way to pronounce gif—we’ll leave that one up to you.)